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tuesday 22/11/2016

Im interested in 1 dounia any exp i have a beltran 0 xp pm if interested

monday 21/11/2016

Bonsiour tous,

Echange mes:
572 Miloz 0exp - 18k ea
600 Spyke Cr 0exp - 128k ea
23 Jackie Cr 0exp - 418k ea
6 Vickie Cr 0exp - 1248k ea
NDololo Cr 0exp - 2108k
Armanda Cr 0exp - 2108k
59 Noodile Cr 0exp - 33.8k ea

Rech Uniquement:
Pr Cushing 0exp 44k ea
Ulrich 0exp 10k ea
Rocket 0exp 700 ea
Elvira full 15k ea / 0exp 18k ea
Mokra full 31k ea / 0exp 35k ea
Lehane full 18k ea / 0exp 20.5k ea
Cyb Lhia 0exp 10k ea
Dr Norton Cr full 13.5k ea / 0exp 15.5k


Hmm...113 time 14 is 1582k. so 5 yayoi cr full is worth 143k each? solid math

I'm gonna trade my Sylth Cr full exp (160k). I'm looking for Karl 0xp (16.5k each), so i'll trade my Sylth + 5k cash for 10 Karl 0xp.
You can make an offer as well, thanks smiley

Due to the recent prices, I trade Melissa Cr 0 Xp (440k) for Ymirah (390k) + Clintz (around 35k / negotiable) smiley

PM with the amount you have, I'll make you an offer. smiley

sunday 20/11/2016

I bought all your saki 0xp 32k head pm for big lot

I have found him smiley

I've Kerozinn Cr(0xp) whom i value 1.38 million according to the market
I'm looking for 4 ymirah 0xp
Feel free to PM me smiley

For what trade?remove me from your blsmiley

Spiaghi 0xp for 16k/copy . Market price of Spiaghi is 15999c ( full XP )

Anyone have any cards they are whiling to dell cheap? would be grateful for a beginner like me

thanks in advance smiley

Lamar Cr value at 2,4mio
Tessa Cr value at 1,2mio
Ymirah value at 330k x 11 = 3,6mio

PM me or write here. Kind regards

saturday 19/11/2016

Damn i dont know that is alot of miloz

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