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tuesday 09/01/2018

1 ymirah cr 1'4M

I want to buy Smokey Mt from you.

I offer (all 0XP):
2x PR Cushing (900)
1x Rowdy Cr (245)
1x Dr Copernica Cr (240)
1x Uchtul Cr (230)
1x Marco Cr (300)

Pm me. Can negotiate with cash or other cards.

Lol Think he is looking for 0XP

Please place a value on each card and exp for the rest

I offer
Lamar Cr full 4.5mil
Jackie Cr full 1.2 mil
Tanaereva Cr full 2.5 mil
Vickie Cr full 3 mil
Xantiax Robb Cr 0xp 2.5 mil
7 mil clintz
Kiki Cr any xp
DJ Korr Cr any xp

Good afternoon guys,

I've decided to sell my Elya cr 0xp, which I estimate in about 4M clintz

I'm searching for:

cash (10% discount on the price)
Behemoth 0xp - 580k/each
Ymirah cr 0xp - 1350k/each
Clive 0xp - 120k/each (max 15 pieces)

If you have something different to trade, just ask me for a quotation... who knows? smiley

Thanks smiley

My vickie cr 0 xp (3M) + 500K
For your Kerozinn cr (2M) + Ymirah cr (1'4M)

My xantiax robb cr 0xp + 1 quetzal 2* + 1 behemoth 0xp + 1 zaria full for nemo ?

Guru Cr. 0Xp

Hell ill toss a judge lynch in the ring there for the Drak as well.

Ok no anwser since yesterday, i cancell my offer

No one has reserve so im gonna close the tread


I want to trade my #Lyse Teria Cr 0 xp 21m

I am looking for :

Berserkgirl Cr
Tessa Cr
NDololo Cr
Ambrose Cr
Splata Cr
Flavio Cr
A Award Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Reine Cr
Ombre Cr
Jim Cr
Skullface Cr
Dwain Cr
Beltran Cr
Cassio Cr
Geuner Cr

you can make me some offer,
i Also need some #Nemo Cr 0 xp 4m each


Hi, I vallue Lamar in 4,5M anda tessa in 3.5M, so I trade my Lamar for tessa + 1M in cards or less in cash. Thanks

No thanks I'm running low on clintz rn

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