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wednesday 10/01/2018

smiley My Shawoman Cr 0xp vs the full one + 50k

edited by Cthulhu_MoB wednesday 10/01/2018, 21:35


i sell 100 James 0 xp for 9k/head !!! ( first price market 10.5k! )

ps & thanks

No longer looking for Dj Korr and no longer have Dragan or Scarlett

Only looking for Guru right now

Still looking for Guru Cr smiley

Understood. Thank you for taking the time to confirm.


Prices on market:
Ombre cr 0xp 2.299.000 clintz + Ymirah Cr 0xp 1.600.000 = 3.899.000

Looking for:
Nemo Cr: 3.740.030 clintz
Butcher Braxton 765.000 clintz (08/01/201smiley
Behemoth 585.585 clintz
Dakota 257.500 clintz
Raam 180.949 clintz
Glover 195.000 clintz
Geuner Cr 429.000 clintz
Page Cr 569.000 clintz
Diyo Cr 650.000
Cassio Cr 666.030

and i looking for this crs too


Some people are just jerks and what to ruin the fun Cthulhu..


Looking for Manon Mt, trading my General Cr just add clintz or cards for the missing market value thanks.

What do you value Rage at? do you want it full or 0 exp? What cards do you have for trade?

I offer my Vickie Cr 0XP + 1 million Clintz for Lamar Cr (any XP). smiley

Hi i can trade

My Lamar Cr +2mil for #cannibal jo

Looking to buy x2 #Behemoth for 580k each

I value him at 2.2M (current market price) and I'm looking for clintz or usable cards (max of 3 copys per card)
Send me offers by Pm smiley

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