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monday 10/10/2016


I'm looking to exchange general Cr + compliment for either Lyse teria cr or Kiki cr


My mechakolos cr-140k

Trade for dr coppernica cr + clintz

Well, I'm open to offers smiley


I sell 56 GraksmxxT 0exp for 70 000 clintz each


Hi everyone im buying raoul 0 xp for 950 clintz each
put them in my private sales

sunday 09/10/2016

He is unable to be purchased at the moment.

Rowdy Cr, Shakra and 3 Stompah and Yayoi Cr Gone

Updated List :
1 Kalindra 0XP - 500K
3 Kolos 0xp - 95K
1 Dregn 0xp - 85K
1 Cortez Full XP - 75K
1 El Divino 0XP - 33K

1x Glover = 68 k
1x Trish =11.5 k
1x Thormund = 9k
1x Pilzken = 35k
if u interested , pm me.


I sell 70 Lafleur 0exp for 19 000 clintz each.


I also sell these cardssmiley

Lady 50k
Zaria 50k
Romana 65k
Gil 50k
Toro 45k
Christelle 28k
Dorian 30k
Hawkins 35k
Aamir 36k
Locke 26k
Mim 26k
Wardom 19k
Staffhaust 20k


I sell 29 Magnar 0exp for 3500 clintz each

Lmao that what i was thinking


I Sell 15 Dagg Cr 0exp for 95 000 clintz each.

I have xu-kr4ng ,djengo ,methane , wardom and lear barduh (all full xp )

what i want : fairbanks, vermaire , magnolia ,Virginia,jautya and leone (full xp or 0 whatever you have)

pm me if you are interested ,, we can discuss about the prices..

Leviatonn 0xp 65k
Toro 0xp 40k
Pilzken 0xp 39k
Edd Cr full 85k
Lizbeth 0xp 85k
Ursula 0xp 53k
Hawk 0xp 60k
Beck - Nena 0xp 82k
Heegrn Cr 2star 23k


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