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monday 08/01/2018

Buying Sigmund Cr, Ombre Cr, Thaumaturge Cr PM me with offers.

Can't be traded? Sad, I want to complete my Ulu Wata cards.

Selling 1x Guru Cr 0xp for 18M

Will Sell for 14.25M + Marlysa Cr

As with copies of:

1 Rhed Cr 0 xp 80k
1 Eddie Cr 0 xp 80k
1 Dagg Cr 0 xp 115k
Total 275k

I'm looking for Copper Cr 279k no matter the xp

Thanks pal

If that doesn't satisfy you ill add 5m clintz ass well smileysmiley

Hey. I'm just looking for one copy of marlysa. I will pay 3M cash.

I also have Greem Cr Drakorah Cr Edd Cr Lin Bee Cr all 0xp and one more toro full xp if you want to offer me for your #quetzal

sunday 07/01/2018

17.5M Cash. Straight away!

Hi, I'im offering 4 Mortenzen 0 xP (20K/E) for 1 Lehane 0 xP (80k/t).
Can be done 100 times.

We ask that you don't bump threads multiple times a day. But I wish you good luck in finding what you are looking for.

Rass CR - sold
Kiki CR - 2 stars, 17.5 or accepting trades

120k cash right now

Ps me bro

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