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thursday 24/11/2016

As title says I have a yimah to trade sell oxp
I value at 420k and I am looking for 14 dj korps 0xp

I double my compliment to 4k per saki 0xp smiley

Hi everyone,

Everything is written in the title.
I am offering the Caelus Cr 0exp and you provide the Kerozinn Cr smiley


Looking to sell or make a trade for my account.

I have tonnes of cards that are under 10k but I won't put them here as it will just take too long but they'll all be yours with this account. I have 13 pages of cards including all stars LD and Skeelz LD.

Credits: 13 - Gold 26 Silver 40 Bronze 46
Clintz: 542,795

Drakorah 30k
Zaria 55k
Imperia Sloane 113k
Rex Sweig 130k
Blaaster Cr 330k
Geoffrey 36k
Solomon 14k
Shogun 10k
Vermyn N 73k
Wilde 17k
Boris Cr 30k
Dixie 12k
Juicy Lord 16k
Rattle 43k
Shaker 25k
Brutus 19k
Pearl 12k
Mim 33k

edited by Infiniti thursday 24/11/2016, 01:41

wednesday 23/11/2016


Switch Dahlia with Jackie Cr

or in the second offer
Take away Spyke Cr and change Copper Cr with Smokey Cr

A crazy offer but I will complete my lot.

6 Tsubame 0xp for 1 Ymirah 0xp.

It´s allthing said...

450k flat. Non negotiable. PM me/send private trade.

Estimation of all the cards requiredand the cards you search for trade too

edited by Levi_72 wednesday 23/11/2016, 14:09

Whats to say he dont have 2 Ndololo Cr?

tuesday 22/11/2016

Buy for 1.200.000 kerozinn cr

I close this
Pm me if ur interested smiley

Im interested in 1 dounia any exp i have a beltran 0 xp pm if interested

monday 21/11/2016

Bonsiour tous,

Echange mes:
572 Miloz 0exp - 18k ea
600 Spyke Cr 0exp - 128k ea
23 Jackie Cr 0exp - 418k ea
6 Vickie Cr 0exp - 1248k ea
NDololo Cr 0exp - 2108k
Armanda Cr 0exp - 2108k
59 Noodile Cr 0exp - 33.8k ea

Rech Uniquement:
Pr Cushing 0exp 44k ea
Ulrich 0exp 10k ea
Rocket 0exp 700 ea
Elvira full 15k ea / 0exp 18k ea
Mokra full 31k ea / 0exp 35k ea
Lehane full 18k ea / 0exp 20.5k ea
Cyb Lhia 0exp 10k ea
Dr Norton Cr full 13.5k ea / 0exp 15.5k


Hmm...113 time 14 is 1582k. so 5 yayoi cr full is worth 143k each? solid math

I'm gonna trade my Sylth Cr full exp (160k). I'm looking for Karl 0xp (16.5k each), so i'll trade my Sylth + 5k cash for 10 Karl 0xp.
You can make an offer as well, thanks smiley

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