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friday 05/01/2018

I would like to trade my General cr full xp+ compliments for any xp dj korr or guru cr. I estimate them at market prices. Pm me if you are interested

Yea, i valie both the same.

Hey I’m looking for DJ Korr Cr any xp but mostly 0xp. I value him to 19m/ 19,5m

I’m offering 13.5 million clintz + these four cr.

Xantiax Robb Cr full xp market value 2.8 million clintz

Ambrose Cr full xp market value 1.089999 million clintz

Thaumaturge Cr full xp market value 904666 clintz

Dwain Cr full xp market value 695000 clintz

U want my 5* behemoth for 700k?

I have :

3x Romana 0 xp - 190k each
Fairbanks max xp - 180k
Dr Elisa max xp - 185k

Edd Cr max xp - 110k
2x Nabrissa 0 xp - 63k each
8x Draheera 0 xp - 70k each
9x Methane 0 xp - 32k each
7x Hriger 0 xp - 28k each
4x Buckler 0 xp - 30k each
6x Carter 0 xp - 20k each
I look for clintz

sorry but you cannot sell LD smiley

Looking for
Or I add something for #CannibalJoCr or #SumsamCr
Value all at market price
Open to all offers. PM

Wrongforum closing lol

All 8 #Ongh Cr 0 exp for 200k each total 1.6 million?

edited by Cthulhu_MoB friday 05/01/2018, 08:43

Yeah I am done. I had fun hope everyone else did. I will do some more this weekend.

Hey thanks for the fun Brahmaman. I should have been asleep 30 minutes ago, but now my adrenaline is going.

One more for me tonight.

Look at post 4. Sorry about the confusion,

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