monday 10/03/2014

sunday 09/03/2014

Buy them credits :3 but no actual cards i think, but you can get a overpriced kolos figurine or stickers, what more could one ask for

My guild is Shadow Rebels. This guild is made for people who feel like they don't belong anywhere, or also for those people who are currently struggling from depression.
I aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for members.
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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saturday 08/03/2014

Their is nothing wrong with them. They are a great guild but aren't active enough. Im still going to stick around a little bit more.

Hi all, we are a newly formed guild looking for some members interested in helping establish a new guild from the ground up. If interested apply here: Eternal Wanderers

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friday 07/03/2014

You already have a recruitment thread:

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thursday 06/03/2014


Join Elysium Aether
We like to have Elo players but u can have time to build yourself back to ur self from before as an Elo player

wednesday 05/03/2014

Join nocturnals we are damn active and pretty much new

tuesday 04/03/2014

Hello i hope you are having a nice day

monday 03/03/2014


The guild idea is to create a meeting place for all those players who are tired and stressed from the request for records or other by their own guilds want to have their well-deserved rest
We offer a forum "normal"
many minigames with possibility to win great prizes
a suitable area to loans card to members who need it and a case back for emergencies

We accept players from the LV20 onwards
Players who speak Italian / English


That's ... just ... beautiful :'). Big thanks for all the solidarity !

friday 28/02/2014

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