saturday 29/03/2014

friday 28/03/2014

Hey guys! smiley
I am Legendary Red, the creator of Fushigina Karasu, A newfounded guild in UR.
I am looking for recruits because I need at least 2 people so that Fushigina Karasu can be an official guild.
It may not be as great as the other infamous guilds, the awesome ones you used to stay but I hope you'll volunteer yourself to make this guild a better clan.

Please just request (no matter what level you are.) and make this guild a better place to stay. smiley

That's all from me,
xx smiley

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thursday 27/03/2014

This land is actually made of trolls and geniuses

wednesday 26/03/2014

Is this where the Naruto fanboys hangout?

I love Saskue in your avi!

tuesday 25/03/2014

Oh no, oh Jeez, wth is this?
I chose a very laid back topic to comment on, and vultures like Bauldy Wallace are raining from the sky like frogs outta the blue!
A guildmaster is a guild of, by, and for the masters, as envisaged in the Gettysberg address.
The best guild to cite as an example would be... err... Self-Medicating Rascals, hehe, I love the guild name!smiley

monday 24/03/2014

sunday 23/03/2014

The Self-Medicating Rascals is a brand new guild looking for new members to join and help us grow from the beginning!

A guild for Those focussed, motivated and determined to succeed players...

A Guild for Those flaked out in bed with a beer and a spliff players...

A Guild for Those "This bleedin' teacher is boring me to death" players...

A Guild For You!

We are accepting any players lvl 15+

We will be having card giveaways, guild events and many other competitions and an active guild message board... where we will be posting deck advice and strategies and any other random shite that happens to pop into our minds.

But most importantly... we'll be having the craic.

Cheers for reading, hope to see you soon!


Anyways good luck for your guildsmiley

saturday 22/03/2014

It isn't you, it's XC lol

tuesday 18/03/2014

The family business is not doing well, hence closing this thread and using the XC, WP, and Trinity threads for fun purposes as usual smiley

monday 17/03/2014

I remember them promising this, but only a handful ever made it into the rotation. So it's probably out of commission.


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

sunday 16/03/2014

saturday 15/03/2014

2 hit kill streak!!

BO YA!!!

I the high and mighty marshmallow recruited him so without a doubt I am the victor!

(supposed to be read in a british accent)

thursday 13/03/2014

You will miss being fit!

wednesday 12/03/2014

Now to forget the role of Tenplar Knight in the beginning.
Due the age of people playing Urban Rivals is quite young I still hope that I can attract people
To make my point; I'm not looking for players who play to level up as a goal
It just since now I explained my vision with this guild and will start to clean up my guild to an elite group that share the same interests as me

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