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saturday 19/11/2016

Selling x5 0xp Dalhia Cr for 254,000 each.

friday 18/11/2016

Price drop to 1.6 mil


I trade your Gil Cr 0xp for my Zatman Cr 0xp, many times smiley
Straight in my pv smiley


J'ai ces lots qui sont dissociables :

40 yayoi cr 0xp - 110k/t
20 dagg cr 0xp - 95k/t
15 mechakolos cr 0xp - 135k/t
10 tanaereva cr 0xp - 500k/t
8 pericles 0xp - 92k/t
5 dounia cr 0xp - 350k/t
2 general cr 0xp - 9m/t

je cherche lots max 100 0xp :

azel - 7k/t
olga - 25k/t
marina - 75k/t ( max 74)
saki - 32k/t
bogdan 42k
ghumbo 35k ( max 92)
ongh 0xp - 150k/t ( max 19)
hawk - 55k/t
lou - 13k/t
jeena - 16k/t ( max 87)
grudj - 32k/t
arno - 44k/t

Vp smiley

Estimate everything please, negotiations can be done later.
Thanks smiley

My Impera swap to your dregn + 40k ctz.

I have (all are current market price)
6 Dalhia Cr 0xp (290k)
2 Dounia Cr 0xp (375k)

Also trading my 0xp version to full + Clintz
Rowdy Cr
Dr Copernica Cr
Dounia Cr

Looking for (preferably at max level)
Caelus Cr 320k
Robb Cr 160k
Alec Cr 650k
Regina 0xp 20k
June 2250
Quinzel 3500

All other offers are welcome. Thank you

3 ruru 0exp + comp -> mona cr 0exp

thursday 17/11/2016

Sorry Karl 14.7 k


I am looking for Noctezuma CR but any offer is welcome


I have platoona Rb for sale at 140k intrested pm price is negotiable

Also I have all other Rb cards for sale if intrested pm and I'll give price

I value my Lyse Teria Cr in 9,5M

In order of preference im earching copies of:

Ymirah 0xp - 350k
Impera Sloane 0xp - 128k
Uranus 0xp - 60k
Dregn 0xp - 80k
Shakra 0xp - 100k
Pericles 0xp - 85k
Aegis 0xp - 42k
Marina 0xp - 75k (max 50)
Oflgn 0xp - 6,5k (max 50)
C Wing 0xp - 8,5k (max 50)
Hattori 0xp - 11k (max 50)
Wheeler 0xp - 950 (max 270)

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