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friday 05/01/2018

All 8 #Ongh Cr 0 exp for 200k each total 1.6 million?

edited by Cthulhu_MoB friday 05/01/2018, 08:43

Yeah I am done. I had fun hope everyone else did. I will do some more this weekend.

Hey thanks for the fun Brahmaman. I should have been asleep 30 minutes ago, but now my adrenaline is going.

One more for me tonight.

Look at post 4. Sorry about the confusion,

Still in the hospital, i must say these auctions are too fast

It's his if he has the $$

Haha, you were just a few seconds off. That was a little quick. We will try like 3 min

To slow Darth. The judge was tempted. Lol


My DJ Korr Cr needs a new home. He has outstayed his welcome. My DJ is a novice with no xp.

New roommates I am looking for:
Clintz (pay for damages DJ caused)
Marlysa Cr 0xp (3.9m)
#ymirah Cr 0xp (1.5m)
#behemoth 0xp (600k)
Newell 0 xp (200k)
Yayoi Cr 0xp (150k)

Thank you,

My #Nemo cr full for 6x Schatzi 0xp

Let me know if you change your mind I have some Roderick that I wouldn’t mind trading for a nemo

Anywhosers, are you willing to negotiate? Are you interested in Jackie Cr or #Behemoth?

edited by Cthulhu_MoB friday 05/01/2018, 02:54

Thank you for the card. I think this was a great idea.

All ongh cr are gone. Closed thread.

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