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saturday 06/01/2018

Thank you for the help, thread closed smiley

Looking to trade a 0 xp Guru Cr for Kiki Cr I will pay difference in clintz or cards. Post here or PM me

1 #Marshal fullxp
2 #quetzal 1 full 0xp
2 #maana cercei full
1 Rage full

Jksta wins with 750k, senting

okay cards sent and cash received!
Closing this

Looking for:
Vickie Cr | 2.85 mil

Jackie Cr (full xp) | 1.1mil
Tanaereva Cr (full xp) | 1.3mil
Dagg Cr (full xp)| 130k
350k cash

Behemoth0xp= 2 callie
Serafina 0xp= 2 callie
Maana cierce0xp=2callie
SLYTH cr full=2callie
Judge Lynchfull=1callie?
Pm if you got callie I have some more stuff

Card sent and cash received. Closing this now smiley

Guru Cr 0xp @ 18.9M
Lao Cr 0xp @ 7M

Want (Any xp):
Marlysa Cr @ 3.7M
Miss Twice Cr @ 1.5M
Tessa Cr @ 2.9M
Swidz Cr @ 700k
Seldnor Cr @ 750k
Diyo Cr @ 450k
Geuner Cr @ 460k
Cassio Cr @ 630k

Not interested in lots at the moment. PM for faster reply

friday 05/01/2018


My #nemo Cr 0xp for Marlysa Cr 0xp +500k. Comp can be Cr or clintz.

Thank you,

Haha. glad you took kindly to it


I have Lyse 0 exp, how much do you offer as a complement?

Thank you smiley

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