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monday 01/01/2018

Offer 1x mechakolos 0 xp 2x mechakolos max xp for tanaereva cr

I can offer a bunch of rares, like shinobi roderick, surstorming serafina 0xp ect. (total 3.9m) Pmsmiley

Killic sending this to you!!
hammer dont worry now you know be prepared for next smiley

I want to trade my dj korr cr 0xp for a dj korr full xp + 3 million clintz
send me a message if you are interested

True true.

I can add clintz as well if necessary

Now offering 2.8m!!

sunday 31/12/2017


Buying Loretta 700 clintz each, oxana 3000 giving cards and monies

Trade Vickie Cr for Nemo Cr Pm.

Hello guys, I would like to buy a nemo 0 xp, I expect to pay 3.67M + 1 lin bee 0 xp (50k/t) smileysmileysmiley
Thanks and good game!!!

They are surely very sexy i have to consult with Newell for this.
Good Luck!

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