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sunday 02/10/2016

@Cola 10 are

mecha -155k
zatman -108k
veenyle -86k
sledg - 55k
blaaster - 440k

Hiya, I'm after sarah and moai

For Sarah (max. 41);
1 Sarah x 14 Scoler
2 Sarah x 1 Graven / 1 Miloz
3 Sarah x 1 Reeve
5 Sarah x 1 Haze
or 6.5k/t cash in my ps

For Moai (max. 39);
1 Moai x 20 Scoler
2 Moai x 1 Reeve
3 Moai x 2 Graven / 2 Miloz
7 Moai x 2 Haze
or 9k/t cash in my ps

pm me

Trade seems finished. Locking thread.

Please list an estimate of how much you value each of your cards at. Thanks!

The exp of the cards differ, like I have all levels of Rowdy Cr, multiple levels of multiple cards and most Heegrn are 0 exp. Some like Dalhia Cr, Kalindra Cr, and Mona Cr have one at 0 exp and one at full exp.

saturday 01/10/2016

Dounia Cr sold thank you whytestallion

Looking to buy Rass Cr for about a million willing to negotiate

friday 30/09/2016

I'll trade 10 Chokos for each Dragomir.

Up to 50 Dragomirs.

thursday 29/09/2016

200k if you want my 0 exp Mona Cr

I can give u miss Sloane if u still want..

U selling mona cr

And DJ is gone.

wednesday 28/09/2016


Vu ma grossière de tout à l'heure c'est pas 18 Tanaereva OXP mais 16 smiley

16 Tanaereva Cr OXP
1 Splata Cr OXP

Contre la belle Lyse Teria Cr smiley

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