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sunday 31/12/2017

3.7m cash smiley

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some Marshal 0xp. I estimate this card to the fair price of 600k/t.

What I can trade :

-10 #Ymirah
-Kiki Cr/Guru Cr/DJ Korr Cr/#Lyse Teria Cr/#General Cr
-110 Shinobi
-300 Surstorming

Thx u all and pm me for negociations.

Have a nice day! smiley

Yoo guys, i would trade Butcher Braxton 0xp/full xp (ur choice)

what i looking for is Kougloff Serafina or #marshal

so 1 butcher with ur kougloff and serafina
or 1 butcher with ur kougloff and marshal

u can post it here or pm me if interest..

happy gaming

I sell cj 0xp at 6kk clintz

I found the people without morals who want to use a tragedy for personal gain

First people to pm me will get some high value cards

Nevermind closing idk why but serafina's price spiked up lol

logo UR 1 messages

- Looking for 1 Smokey Mt ( 1.130.000 ) & 1 Ratanah Mt ( 560.000 )

I can offer;
13 Toro Cr full 110k/t 
#Quetzal full 640k 
#7 Fuzz 0xp 35k/t 
( Cash 300k to complet offer.. ) 


Send me your Blaaster

saturday 30/12/2017

Is bryan 0xp ?
if he is, i would like to buy it for 45k

Thanks for the free bump! smiley

Behemoths for kougloff and or newell
3 newels a behemoth
1 kougloff=1 behemoth+20k

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