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tuesday 25/03/2008

for all lover of .hack
raseo and ovan rox XD

12 PILL KILLAZ is the guild for anyone with somethin to prove and we're out to show these suckaz what a real killa is about!! Everyone who is down is accepted!smiley


monday 24/03/2008

Join Today!
Ashigaru1 & Dark3r of Dead, combined Founders of the uild of Hope

Ill join ive been looking for a Guildsmiley


Only lvls 15 and up.
if i think your very good ill make you admin
if your a lvl 40 ill make you a admin.

Yes youu can

Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=196812

Mate i dont think anyone will join mine

sunday 23/03/2008

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@Capn Clintz im not trying to disrespect or nothing just compare them

Hello All villians in Clint City.

Here is an offer for all bad guys who love Freaks, GHEIST, La Junta, Montana and Nightmare.

If you want to join us click the link below and expect to meet a lot of new friends

We will welcome all new members also newbies who just love to be bad


This guild has as goal to be able to make so strong decks so that we can be a team in a planned tournament and then go home and win it all. To do this we need: - Active players - Players that is trying to get as good deck as possible - People that take the game seriously and don't just try to mess about - People that can stay together as a group and do the best for the guild.

Everyone can join just follow this link:


Locked, due to to much confintation.

In The Twisted Shadows, we listen to your thoughts. anyone can join, and anyone can make a subject. cya there!

Lol no im not. u talking nonsense again big guy?

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