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thursday 20/03/2008

Do other guilds turn you down becuase your to low of a lvl? well we;re differe. we will accept anyone and i mean Anyone. Even if you are lvl -1

Who would join a guild called Above the Influence?

Please join my new guild..
its called ultimate stars
join now!


The British Giants are a new group that are now recruiting players from any nationality and any level. All are welcome.

We believe strictly in having a laugh so join today! The next two members will be made admins!


Hello All villians in Clint City.

Here is an offer for all bad guys who love Freaks, Gheist, La Junta, Montana and Nightmare.

If you want to join us click the link below and expect to meet a lot of new friends


U forgot to put ur guild page link n good luck to u...

wednesday 19/03/2008

Dang, another one?,,, yea well,,, good luck

Brother you and Shuki can have fun.

tuesday 18/03/2008

smileyPlease join my guild i am very active and i need recruitssmiley

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=194110 <--------------- academy link, please join smiley

Hey smiley

my guild is the british bulldogs, i plan to have the guild with the most british members on urban rivals

my guild is on http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=193772

(first 5 members become administrators)


We are currently recruiting everyone, regardless of level, on two conditions...(1) you must be active, and (2) if you are below level 10 you must gain on average of a level a day until you're level 10. Also we're willing to help new members, because you are the ones that make our guild great...so what are you waiting for?...join us, or fall before us...


..We also do tournaments, in fact in the near future im going to put my kinjo on the line for our first tournament which will take place in around a week...hope to see you there.


da link smiley


The destroyeers destroys stuff smiley

Champions of Justice 2

Great leader
Great guild

what else are you looking for? join them now.

goodluck with your guild Jeff (COJ281RaceEVO)

Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=193836

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