thursday 07/02/2008

Get in contact with me
interested in this guild, from WA

Im interested... how do i join?

Please join

wednesday 06/02/2008

I never scammed you i sold the cards to u

I want you.... if you are a low level or a high level it doesnt matter ...... only if you are level 15 and up and are chatty you will be made a admin i have some great ideas like quiz s tonaments lotto and much much more so join just prosolute

Can you rip them off and sell them at a higher price to your siblings/mum/dad/deceased great grandparents that reside in your house???

but its not a paper-sissors-rock game as jade pointed out, but some clans have more of an advantage to others

nightmare is good against rescue
rescue is pretty good against most clans, especially FPC (not alot of sobs)
sentinel is pretty bad at type one, since their power is in 5 star cards

but also, cards also matter
eg/ if 2 new/bad players had a hand of
marco, alec, hax and kerry (the very best of rescue) played against
k-cube, endora, cell, elixer (some of the bad nightmare), the rescue player would probably win

but if a newb/bad player has the rescue, and a superb, ultimate, wins tornaments every time player had the nightmare hand, the good player might win

so its all got to do with how you play them (which is what merm said, but in a slightly more elaborate way)

If you wanna join my clan you can click on this link:

Only accepting 17+ or titan Rank

tuesday 05/02/2008

Ty i just started and i want to get a bunch of pep that are newer to share the exp. high lvl are always welcom and im open to listen ... and how do i join pep to it ?

The ultimate syn guild:
his/her guild

and good luck with your guildsmiley

Moderator please close this thread

monday 04/02/2008

Please note that pussycatqueen is not currently in a guild

are you planning to make the guild when you have the minimum of 4 players that say they want to join?
or is it currently in the stage where the admins aprove of it?

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