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wednesday 11/10/2017

Oh that's actually pretty interesting the skills are based on rl time , very unique so far that's only the new skills i saw, thank you for the clarification Rowdy and Thoazol! smiley Closing Thread

thursday 05/10/2017

Some insight to the comment:

Staff removed penalties as they felt there were some instances when players were ignorant of the penalty and still insisted on using overpowered cards.

One problem with Tourney back then was if you wanted to get 1st Place, you would be unlucky to run to a player who is just using an overpowered deck compared to a player who only fights easy decks.

They felt a ban would do a better job enforcing restrictions compared to simply issuing penalties.

wednesday 20/09/2017

Go to your collection page.
See the deck formats on the left side of the screen?
Scroll down to Tourney Type 1/2.
Not the vanilla Type 1/2, those are for survivor.
Click the desired format.
A list of rules pops up.
See the list of about 35 cards?
Those are the banned cards.

saturday 16/09/2017

Hi so ive been running this deck for the last 2 days in t1 tournament https://gyazo.com/2fffa1d9eedb915abb02fdd4fd65b33e and now today it says that my deck is not valid for that game mode. if anyone can help me firgue out why it would be much appreciated

friday 15/09/2017

It used to take only 3 DTs in a week to get in your guild ranking. Now it takes more? What happened?smiley

friday 08/09/2017

Won a DT for the 1st time in life , And stood 2nd in 4 others DT'S smiley

Deck : deleted smiley

Do throw up suggestion , I am noob afterall
Hello OC_Juffer,
Congratulations! You finished 1st in the last Daily Tournament with 353 Battle Points.
Well done! You ranked among the first third of the tournament!
You won 15 967 Clintz and 1 Credit.
You now have 134 810 Clintz that you can use to buy new characters on the Market.
You have also won Tokenz :
- bronze Tokenz : 3
- silver Tokenz : 3
- gold Tokenz : 3
108 players took part in the tournament. They accumulated 8 842 Battle Points and the Jackpot has gone up to 245 650 Clintz.
Good luck in the next Daily Tournament!

saturday 02/09/2017

rate & commsmiley

saturday 12/08/2017

*I want to win a DT lol

thursday 10/08/2017

I think the penalty is reasonable. i, too experience those disconnection and some weird stuffs. idk who to blame tho, the game, the servers, my shitty connection or the desktop app?(yes i play on desktop app smiley) or my PC. unless all of us experience it at the same time, there shouldn't any problems with that. and the game detects if you are leaving the game consecutively (i experience that because of my shitty connection)

true sometimes it really sux someone will leave you after the 1st round because of saltiness, that's why the blacklist exist. and you can also review your previous battle to stalk? or maybe curse discreetly? that person.

if you ever entered a tournament with the actual TCG same thing applies, there's also rules to follow and there's also sanctions of not doing so.

thursday 27/07/2017

Tourney or EFC?

sunday 09/07/2017

How do I keep a card like Naele at the 3* level (stop her from leveling up)? Thanks

wednesday 05/07/2017

Inactive again :o

sunday 02/07/2017

Glad to help, welcome back

thursday 13/04/2017

Hello, I will be restarting this event later.

No one seems interested in the prizes available. So I've decided to increase the reward.

I also put the count-up in the wrong page.

I reserve rights to close this event and open a new one with additional prizes.

Here is the increase:

49th-50th post: 100-150 Clint card.
79th-80th post: 100-150 Clint card.

139th & 149th & 159th post: 300-450 Clint card.

249th-250th post: 2,000 Clintz card.

333rd post: 5,000 Clint card.

444th post: 7,000 Clint card.

999th post: 60,000 Clint card.

If you have won 5 times or more in the event, you will receive an additional card.

More info displayed soon. Remember, cards will be given to second in charge.

friday 07/04/2017

You still got to punish them for timing out. many troll time outs witch is a waste of time for all players involved an you lose points.

thursday 06/04/2017

Yeah I get that there are subtle colour cues, but honestly I just preferred having it spelled out to me, what a card does and it's effects.

It helps me to remember that I'm affected, as well as sub-consciously learn the effects of certain abilities if I was new. This does slow down the game yes, but in the context of EFC & Survivor and new players, I honestly think it would make life easier for them.

monday 03/04/2017

Well i used mono-senti deck in DT and i can say that i got 1st place 3times easily using it

monday 20/03/2017

How has no one mentioned rescues ridiculous 2* Dr Norton Cr, nami ld, lennard, steve, meredith, lea and sue are all really strong.

saturday 18/03/2017

Thank you all for the quick replies

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