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tuesday 28/07/2020

No Love was not collected by destroyer pm, therefore, a new winner will get him. and it will be.......

Comment number 64 - -Szekspir-

Please collect No Love in 72 hours, if fails, then another winner will be announced after.

monday 27/07/2020

That concludes todays Q&A! Thank you all for participating.
From doing this, I have learned a few things. Therefore, I will close this thread and start a version 3 next time.

few things to note, Rules are adjusted. Cost of prizes will be reduced as I think these questions are too easy for you guys hahaha.

Thank you all for participating!! look forward for the next one!

sunday 26/07/2020

Sledg cr

saturday 25/07/2020

I am just in my break at work, sadly we never reached 1500 post, however, I will add No Love and Ahnutt in the prize pool since we managed to at least reach 1470 smiley thank you all for participating!! I will close this thread and open a new post when I get home from work to announce the winners!! Happy Gaming all smiley

saturday 18/07/2020

I deleted it smiley

wednesday 15/07/2020

Club Championship 2020

You miss champions for Clubs? You miss the old flashmob events? You want to compete vs other Clubs in gamemodes and with eventgams? Come and join this event with your club!

No Clubs created after creation date(13.07.2020) can join in here, to make sure you play with your normal club and not an temporary one.
A Team out of 6 players, all have to be from the same club
Max 2 teams per Club(could be changed, if we dont reach the number of teams i would like to have)
Event will start when full and at a start of an EFC season. If possible at the 27.7.20

It will be a mix of winning points by playing the different game modes and winning points in battle-event stage.
All players of the team can win points by playing in efc.
They have to name 1 players for survivor
They have to name 2 players for DT(one for T1, one for T2)
3 other players will play in a subevent vs players of other team(s) in 5 straight battles to gain points

registration in nederlands comment section!

sunday 12/07/2020

1 spot left

wednesday 01/07/2020

There was different points system. You could play even 1HKO deck that gave you 15 points per win.
You were able to finish more than 50 games in hour.

My top score was 833 points in T1 (oldschool)
And there were players with score above 900.

monday 22/06/2020

@Theking6198- I'm pretty low on entrants right now, I think the high entry fee may be reducing numbers right now. But I'm also not ready for a stress test. Just trying a small sample right now. I'll probably lower the fee in a 2nd event after helping to work out any bugs in the idea. I will definitely send an additional link to you on that one.

@C von Avalon- Thank you! I appreciate it. I have minor language skills in Spanish and German, but not enough to translate some of the ideas I may have to express. I have very little French.

Rewards have been updated ! You can check them, I'm sure they will not dissapoint you

Well Leaders are back to normal.

Post 13 won the highest attack and since nobody could beat 99 life the 500k goes to him too (because he didn't reach 1000 attack) for a total of 1M, I am sending the prize and closing the thread

sunday 21/06/2020

@UM_AaaBattery Thanks for the info

friday 12/06/2020

I got this idea while reading yet another complaint about the AI that UR is using in the arena.

And I figured that I could crowd-source a new idea that came while brainstorming a solution to weak AI: every person in this game mode could make a deck and create their own "play-style". And then all the decks could battle automatically, with each person using their uniquely created AI. This would let people battle while they were off-line, and we could also help UR in refining their AI by letting it see what moves were stronger or weaker.

And so, an event was born:


Please join and boost this to your friends and guild-mates!

wednesday 10/06/2020

Yea pay your own wops and quit being an billionaire beggar

tuesday 09/06/2020

monday 08/06/2020

sunday 07/06/2020

Just 24.5 hours to join giveaway thanks everyone so far

saturday 06/06/2020

Find the top 4 of the event : part turkish

friday 05/06/2020

Stop abilities sorry smiley

Gud bai UR!

Hi players!

i spent almos 10 years in this game but for me it's time to quiet, this lottery is the opportunity to say goodbye to all of you!
1 M cash as prize.

Good game smiley

Gud bai UR!

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