wednesday 23/01/2008

Close this post please Storm.
Thks, Leg !

tuesday 22/01/2008

This subject has, once again, spiraled off into dirty laundry and obscurity. It's time for it to be shut down.


Yes, Yes, it is recruiting time. In the Guild of them all !!!The Guild of Winners!!!

We accept ALL!!! Yes, even lvl 5 guys!!!!!!

Link to our guilds page:::::::::

Ultimate Destroyers:

Lowson Bros inc:

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smiley..good luck


smileygood guild

monday 21/01/2008

Need more ppl to join so please click this link

Dead rabbits:

Good luck! smiley


Hey, this ck5 telling u 2 join my guild called the Keybearers. if u r willing 2 join let me know.

Who wants to join my guild The Avengers send me a message

If you're from the UK, are LEVEL 10 or higher and intend to play at least once a month then look no further. We're a friendly guild dedicated to having fun and improving our rankings.

To join, follow the link below and click: "Postulate to this guild" once you've applied you will be approved as soon as one of our Admins can authenticate you.

See you soon,


I might just let in 5-15s actually.


smileyThey veiled is called as they want I love urban rivals it is I am joke has 2 bullet have fun therefore veils me means that they recruit at home

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