thursday 17/01/2008

Dang,,,,u even got ur guild a motto,,,,ur good,,,lol,,,,,

wednesday 16/01/2008

Mods close this i did if by accident sorry

Contact for info

tuesday 15/01/2008

I just joined, like five minutes ago or somethign like that, and i juts wnated to say!


that is all.........but anyways i am looking to learn more if there is anyone intrested in helping get better and any guilds that would pick me up i am totaly in!

I dont' know can I be a dragonfable fan?

Join the new Dominating Guild to hit urban rivals.

Let me first say that the goal of this guild is like all the others, to create and foster a friendly gaming atmosphere.
But really we all want to play better and win matches right? Well there are many ways to do this and as of now the battle room we have is for training and that'll help level up your cards so that in a tourney or ELO bout you have a better chance at success then with an unleveled card. Also with fellow Guild members it will be less stress.
I play regularly, and usually land in the top 100 spots of the Hourly tourneys.
I help out players and have a sense of justice. I will answer what I can, when I can.
Send me a note or click the link below:
Arrogant Swords -


I am looking for some new members to join the guild !

If you are interested please contact me LittleChalky or one of the other admins,

Thank You

Have Fun!


Greetings fellow rivals
a new guild has formed and is looking for new members
The Dragon Knights have arisin from the flames of chaos
i dont care what your level is through time we all will be come great
so if you want to belong join our cause to better ourselves


This topic is closed. This is not the area to air your dirty laundry. There is no forum for that. Settle your differences in private emails.


monday 14/01/2008

10+accepted join us were starting from scratche

You cant expect all the new players to keep playing. A good percentage could well end up quitting.

Looking for addicts. You know who you are! You don't need to learn the ropes, you live the life. You've tried to quit but you just can't do it. Give in to the addiction and join like minded people who want the same. To be the best. Must enjoy winning, Look us up, Angry Assassins' , we're in the phone book.

Watch your back, you know I am.

OMG Noonboy is making a BRIBE to get someone to join his guild? hahaha wow thats too bad. TO JOIN . . . NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY ... EVERYONE IS GIVE A CHANCE TO PROVE YOUR QUALITIES AND PERFECT YOUR SKILLS WITH HELP IF NEEDED JUST ASK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
m here to help my recruits by practicing , increasing skills and helping your decks

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