saturday 22/12/2007

friday 21/12/2007

Sry about that sry


Looking for people that are active and want to just play, nothing serious or It could be!smileysmiley

Hey guys, just need 2 more members to sustain the guild name, if you could head over to I'll be happy to add you. Its an American guild and I'll be online constantly pretty much to chat and talk. I'm a 25 year old guy with a wife, so I can't raid anymore... wife = lose raid.

Join my guild plz

The Praetorian Guard!

Hey ill join in ur clan im kinda new but i can playsmiley

When u join nuclear disaster u have to make ur nam e start with DN

Im a lv 8 want to join a clan send me a message if u want me to join the clan

Im making a guildc alled †Dark_†_Lords† i just need it to be approved, if it's made, id like to get more members to join its a friendly guild and please talk!

Join the Praetorian Guard!

Nuclear Disasters/'/ Recruting lvl 10+ with 1:2 win ratio ( one win every 2 battles)
We Speak only English . All members come from different countries .

We wud love to have U in our guild .


Join my guild Ultimate Destroyers.

Lol think u got enough choces anyways your welcome in my guild if u want to join

Hobbiton is currently looking around for fresh meat level 5 or higher.
As this is a new clan, I do not have a current goal yet, but will soon!

Come join and have fun with those wily creatures known as Hobbits!

thursday 20/12/2007

I would like to be in a guildsmiley

I play warcraft obsessively for years, but I've quit raiding since I got married and picked up this game inbetween Arena queues. Since then I've become ridiculously addicted and have played this game instead of WoW. I'm sure this initial obsession will subside, but for the time being I'm enjoying my time. I've played for a few days now and have learned an awful lot. If anyone feels the same way, or just want to join an American guild with people who actually play, drop me a line. I'm not going to ask for a level requirement since I'm only level 14.

Good luck guys, thanks.

Yeah, this is a new guild, for english speaking ppl and any lvl. so join up ppl!

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