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saturday 25/11/2017

29 max xp
66 0 xp

95 total

10k each

I was thinking somewhere around 84 clintz

friday 24/11/2017

Thye clitz from my last sale were to buld the jungo clan collection from begining

No more Tessa Cr !

★20 Pr Cushing Cr - 350 000 clintz each
★10 Zatman Cr - 260 000 clintz each
★20 Spyke Cr - 170 000 clintz each
★5 Ongh Cr - 260 000 clintz each

Thanks, I close theme.

Thank you, Newell in your ps

-1 #Kerozinn Cr full 2.400k / h
-1 Reine Cr full 1.320k
-1 Dwain Cr 0xp 570k
-1 Ombre Cr 1.300k

no more cash sorry smiley

Ram takes it with a bid of 2.95m

Omg. It better be a globb.smiley

I am having fun!!! smiley
Nothing to do else

He was well into the accepted time. I have another auction up if you want to give it another go

thursday 23/11/2017

100 Dianzi 0xp 11k /e

Im buying 1 lee long any xp for 60k
If interested send Ps or Pm

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