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thursday 11/05/2017

Taking any reasonable offer

I value quetzal 150k trading them for 8 miloz 0exp smiley

wednesday 10/05/2017

Hi, buy Scylla 0xp to 2400 clintz unit.

VP! smiley


im searching a lot of Quetzal 0xp (124k/each) to change for my Lyse (8m)


tuesday 09/05/2017

Hi i sell 1 dj korr cr for 10.000.000 clintz you can go private for exchange thanx

So if your struggling to sell your Caelus Cr? Just keep in mind that he was 300k at the time. I'm offering 100,000 Clintz more for him.

Thanks for your time smiley

Paris i dont have your pm.

Hi, Ymirah Cr +10k for Ambrose Cr?

Hello there, I'm currently wanting to sell my copy of Nahi Cr 0xp. I'm starting her sale at 400K, but her price can be discussed. smiley

Have a nice day!

monday 08/05/2017

Im offering 375k full xp and 382.5k 0xp Caelus Cr

I accept your caelus Cr

I'm looking 1 Ymirah cr value in 480k smiley

I trade all bigs apart from Guru Cr smiley

I haven't Lyse Teria Cr , but will you interesting in Kiki Cr or Dj Korr Cr?

sunday 07/05/2017

I trade this cards for any card of similar price preferably gheist, montana, huracan or rescue

Trade is done for all of them close thread pls

Tessa Cr is 300k more then Vickie. smiley

Hi i buy Armanda cr 2.5 milion cash smiley

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