thursday 17/09/2015

I really, REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY want to see MC Decay as a Rb
Please for the love of god make that card.

monday 14/09/2015

Here we go - 174 points smiley
Guru CR, Mokra, Uranus were not good choice (tried at at the begining of Colliseum)
55543111 was also not good idea.(hands with 4111 or 4311 were lost from the beggining)
Co I play with just 1 CR and one EVO..

*** Coll - 2015-09-11 ***

BTW - what was final standings ?

friday 11/09/2015

It never applies to mobile purchases. Because logic.

thursday 10/09/2015

wednesday 09/09/2015

When will be next leaderwar?

monday 07/09/2015

Ye,i think the same on 14/8 i did that xD

friday 04/09/2015

Shock horror
i like the new art

Thanks for letting us know, Espectroscuro smiley

thursday 03/09/2015

Yeah and instead of one ko atack they are going they going to make him support -2 damadge to minimum 1 and with pussycats bonud it going to be - 10 damadge and also her atack and damadge are going to be 8/8

friday 28/08/2015

@everyone except thoazol thanks for your help! I was just a little confused.

thursday 27/08/2015

He's banned; no more crying smiley

friday 21/08/2015

Xingshu replacement?
8,3, +3 life, 3 star

If only the comics made a comeback smiley
but still, this event looks great thanks UR smiley

thursday 20/08/2015

Try using "Defeat: -X pillz" cards. It's easier to just lose in training room. smiley

monday 17/08/2015

My prediction for the next rb card is bolden power or Charlie

friday 14/08/2015

Rare card means!?

tuesday 11/08/2015

Yeah, it's a fact that UR needs money when the new game modes and the new game interface are being delayed again and again, but I don't know, maybe instead of looking for money in such an obvious way they could improve and truly innovate UR (the last big change in UR were the Tokenz AFAIK).

IMO this just anger old players who maybe already spent their credits in less "cost-effective" packs and are not willing to spend more credits unlike the newbies or the people who really don't appreciate their money or are stupidly rich, and it seems that in English and French communities there are many people like those because they seem happy with this announcement, but in the other hand Spanish community is really angry about this.

But hey, UR staff definitely know what they're are doing, because Alexa rank of UR doesn't stop decreasing... That's just a heads up...

friday 07/08/2015

His art isn't the best. But it looks quite cool.

Has an Asian style to it which fits his character.

Learn to play.. pick a good cards and think what oponent might do. 6 victories aren`t that difficult...

thursday 06/08/2015

I think we'll finally get to see Rex Sweig's wife this week. I have a feeling she'll be black.

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