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wednesday 02/01/2008

Mods u can close this hes not in the killers

Hey people, the guild Twilight Warriors is now online and waiting for new recruits.

We are searching for players of any level, players that are active and that want to participate in guild tournaments.
Our primary objective is simple: nº 1 Guild. But beside that, we want to help young players growing up and above all have fun smiley

Join now: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=151077

*wow... lots of hitmans in your guild... *

We are currently looking for new members!! do you think you have wat it takes to be the best??? then join our guild!! well help you be to become the best!!!

tuesday 01/01/2008

The People is a fun guild where if you do your best you will have a good time. Anybody that is a person can join. It doesn't matter what level you are, or what country you are from. Please join and have fun.

Just made a new guild accepting anyonesmiley

We have a few members so far if you want to join just look us up and join you can be any levels and any type we will help you get cards to get better


Help My Guild TO Expand.......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Im on here daily so if you want to join go ahead but i have to knopw our fighting talent

Live To Kill is now recruiting.

Who we're looking for:
-United States members
-Active members

The goal:
-Support other guild members
-Assist each other with obtaining full decks
-Sharing strategies

Join now: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=150468

WOW I didn't know this was here lol. She forgot to mention that we strive for a comfortable guild where everyone is open and friendly. I offer challenges everyday and also weekly challenges, monthly challenges, and in-guild tournaments where you can win cr cards, rare cards, clintz or all of the above. The challenges are very easy and is just a way for you to get the cards you need to be competitive. We will help train you or give advice if you need it. I honestly give away 5 cr cards a month so if you got what it takes postulate at our guild page. Good games


Will accept any active level 15+ players in the UK. smileysmiley

Mods you can close or lock this now hes in upper class

Yepsmiley,if u wanna join,there are no requirements,smileyso just send us a postulate,and ur in:*smileynext 3 to postulate are adminssmiley)smiley

We have tournment wich you canwin plent of collectors and leaders if you come in first so join or outragous guild

Sorry.. lvl. 20 master allowed

If you are Lvl. 13 or above give us a shout. We will take care of you and if you need any help the admins will be happy to help you. We are a very close guild and are quickly rising in the ranks.
All you have to do is apply and we'll consider you for joinage.

Looking for members.

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