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monday 31/12/2007

He has joined Elite combatants. mods you can close this. thx

smileysmileyJoin up.We are currently looking for memebers.We will make you a better player.And offer you better cards if you need them.So COME JOIN US!smileysmiley

Clint City now has all the comics, all the comic alerts, and character pics!

The encyclopedia has been updated with the newest cards and is waiting for you to go in vote and write a review for your favorite cards!

(sorry for delay I was sick in the hospital with pneumonia so I couldn't fix the site up after it crashed last month).

A briliant and forthgoin new years to all on Urban rivals!! May you all have a rewarding an natural high 2008!!! And party on party animals!!!smiley Cheez!

Delete this thread, please. smiley

Dont thank me i would of let u join any way i let every body

Needs members that are above level 20

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=148206 i forgot to put the code again

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=148206 I forgot to put the link again

Yep...anyone that would like to join is welcome...

Feel free if u join ill add u right now cause i am always online

Newfound guild recruiting for members.

must be an active member.
accepting only fair players. no reds allowed.

pinoys are encouraged to join.

The guild name is zabuza momochi
it is a naruto guild and a dbz guild

sunday 30/12/2007

Join mine nsk

be cool be a winner be strong in the guild of my darkness so join now this is run by fiji1011

You do know most people would just take the card and leave... right?

Join United Earth and benifit from every thing we have to offer any one can join any level from any country we do not mind. We also will hold our own specail events such as inter-guild tournerments were you can win rare cards and become an admin if you wish to join contacted me _Lu_Bu_ , Marc Bromiley the founder of the guild or paki-786 .
Joignez la terre unie et le benifit de chaque chose que nous devons offrir n'importe quel peut joindre n'importe quel niveau de n'importe quel pays nous ne nous occupons pas. Nous également tiendrons nos propres événements de specail tels que des tournerments d'inter-guilde étions vous pouvons gagner les cartes rares et devenir un admin si vous souhaitez vous joindre m'a contacté _ Lu_Bu _, marc Bromiley le fondateur de la guilde ou paki-786.
Verbinden Sie vereinigte Masse und benifit von jeder Sache, die wir irgendein anbieten müssen, kann jedes mögliches Niveau aus um irgendeinem Land verbinden wir uns nicht kümmern. Wir auch halten unsere eigenen specail Fälle wie Zwischen-Zünft tournerments waren Sie können seltene Karten gewinnen und ein admin zu werden, wenn Sie verbinden möchten, trat mit mir _ Lu_Bu _, Treber Bromiley der Gründer der Zünft oder paki-786 in Verbindung.

Wat the nprotect

This guild welcomes anyone so try it out

We are an incredibly avite group on the fourums and im thinking of setting up a tourney,next 3 to postulate are admins,plz i need some more people before we get deleated

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