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sunday 30/12/2007

To all the lovers of Muse join our guild - the guild of the muse. If you think Muse are amazing then this one is for you.

Does anyone want to join Nsk mostly i play everyday looking 4active players in my guild cause the paople i have
now arnt really playing alot i want more that r active and that r playing plz can anyone join thats active levels more
thane15 and over and
Nsk means non stop killers_kaos plz aztive players join Nsk

saturday 29/12/2007

He has joined Elite Combatants. mods you can close or destroy this.

U can join the elite combatants if your looking for a cool guild active players rare cards or collecter cards

Vengan a PlanesWalkers no tienen que ser Uruguayos pueden ser de cualquier pais
Come join PlanesWalkers you dnt have to be Uruguayan, You can be from any country

If you one of them people who like doing stuff in guild or have any idea to have fun in guild plzz join our and have lots of ativeritys to be doing smileysmiley just send a quest if you want to join !!smiley smileysmiley smiley

A guild for anyone of any ability, striving to become strong! Join today to make new friends, get help if you need it and have fun!

Join nsk i want lots of people

If its called junckers you spelled it wrong.
Just lettin you know

Please if you are looking for a guild in the making please join death by grace all we ask for is that you play often and 2000 points or higher, thanks!!!!


To any and all players.
As soon as we get enough people we plan to help all group members any way possible.
If you want somthing specific like a card or contest let me know and i will try my best to help

friday 28/12/2007

UK guild looking for new recruits, all levels accepted smiley

"Think you've got what it takes to be an Urban Hero? Join our guild and have fun while training and rising above all other UK guilds! Temporarily no level requirement smiley"

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=143756 smiley

I speak english buut i am an a american. is that alrightsmiley

I'll join, but I think it should be an active guild

Come and join the shadow knights!!!! its a new clan that needs more people

Not a bad speech but sorry i got a guild

Im an Admin of a guild that speaks English. We'll take you as a great member if you join!

thursday 27/12/2007

Go to this place:


To join TRFOCC, pretty much the best guild you'll ever stumble upon.
Open to all levels and all clans, because we don't discriminate! smiley

Be you a ninja, a pirate, a jedi, or a sith, you're welcome there!

Reruiting drop me a msg if u wanna join
garanteed a place


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