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sunday 09/12/2007

Join my guild called gheist i will let anybody in we r well cool and it is so worth it no lie

Any one over level 10 please join my guild

saturday 08/12/2007

Hey guys, we are the elites of our levels... i am the founder and i am one of the best of the team... if you want to join hit me up and we have to set up a battle as an entrance exam thing... so hit me up or the other member...

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Will join any english speaking guild

Hey Everybody! There's a new guild in town, KangarooKick. If there are any aussies people that wanna join, come to this site and join!

There's only 1 prerequisite. You need to be Aussie!

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Hello and welcome to UR

Join this guild if you like fire!!!

If you're from the UK, at least LEVEL 10 and intend to play at least once a month then look no further. We're a friendly guild dedicated to having fun and improving our rankings.

To join, follow the link below and click: "Postulate to this guild" once you've applied you will be approved as soon as one of our admins can authenticate you.


See you soon,


friday 07/12/2007

Come join my new guild for all vampire lovers. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=134158

I'm trying to start an 8-bit underground guild... Basically dedicated to the people who grew up during the old school gaming era (IE: Atari, Nintendo, etc.)

Mainly directed towards people 18+

Hit me up if interested, I'd really like people who are willing to help make the rules and regulations of the guild!


I will only let americans english ausstralia and candian come in my guild ok i dont care what level u are just join

To join the dragomancers which is a really good guild (hopefully i want more than one person but still you can join) to join you can go to this website


I'm currently an admin at team endless, and I am looking for an active guild since 2/4 admin have quit and our founder is inactive.
I buy credits and have quite a strong deck including most Junkz and Ashigaru. I will only accept entry as an admin, and only if you are a serious guild.


We play an elo mode and we and may i add not bad at it so join the kings of the ub


thursday 06/12/2007

How do I get a picture on my profile

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=133145 we will rule as you join we will grow with more anger.

There is


Sorry if you tried too join its spelled †eternal Fire†

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