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tuesday 11/12/2007

Postulate heres clear instructions for people who dont know how

1. go to http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=129631
2. click 'Postulate to The Spartan Assasins
3. Wait till im online then ill accept you and your in!

Welcome anyone from level 20 above!
Prefer Indonesia playersmiley

We are now recruting for active players.


LEVEL 17 and above We need iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your looking for a fun guild thats great for the aussie timezones look no further join aussie battlers today

Follow link to join


Apply if you wana learn the game, and make friends.


Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=134863 thats the guild

monday 10/12/2007

Look im new and i created a new guild called Tru Akatsuki the saying is JOIN...WIN,DONT JOIN...DIE!!!please i need more than 4 recruits be4 3 days or else my guild will be canceled so please join!!!!

I will let any body in this guild if u dont know how to join look at my profile and then click on my guild then your be on the page then press the button what begins with p above the list of members

A guild for people who play with fire.... Not safe with playing cards.

In fact, 'A touch of Class' is what I named it.

Too many jerks around, Using the anonomity of the internet to jeer and snipe and snark. Especially here on gamezone sites. Well, for those of us with a little more maturity, there's this guild. No, it's not about fair play. This is street war. but, you don't have to be a jerk to people. People in this guild can be known for good game conduct.

Hey i just started a new guild.
Anyone is welcome. If you like Final Fantasy than this is the guild for you.


Come to xguild of furyx academy


sunday 09/12/2007

World poker tour :]

so i dont think i have to say much more join the guild if your into poker and stuff enough said allready you know what to do

I would, but.... I don't have any Geist cardz

I need everyone to join, whether your emo, wannabe, or whatever, also if you want to know what REAL emo is, join and I'll tell you


Join Please =]

Entrepreneur is the Guild Name Were In It For Clintz

I like how you're actually literate, a rarity in this game. I'm in if you'll take me.

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