sunday 11/11/2007


Hi ive just set up the guild: the Rebels

We are looking for new members.

There are no requirements

We don't mind what contry your from.

If you think youve got what it takes follow this link


Voulez-vous joindre à mon guide à mettre cette adresse Web dans le secteur. Http://


I am Saike_Demon, Founder of Clan Armageddon. Clan Armageddon is an American Guild. Right now we're accepting any members who would like to join. Our guild has more than 30 members already and our admins are good. I'm sure you would be happy in Clan Armageddon. We are also looking for a few more admins as well.
So join Clan Armageddon today!


We are recruting so if u want to join send me a message and ill accept u. O and as the name suggests...only ENGLISH people...(well British)...

Doh... well that's the answer I was looking for I guess, thanks for clarifying that for me. Oh well, maybe at some point I will commit to doing so, seems like a fun game. Thanks.

First you click on the join request pending and then on top of all the names of people in the guild there should be a button saying leave the guild even though you are not in it. then click it and come and join my guild The Chick Clique. i'll except you.smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

smiley if i was not in a guild i would join but i am a leader of a guild with 11 members smiley
Welldone anyways and GL

Still accepting new members
we will not be accepting new members till nov. 13
i mean new members after nov. 13
will not accept cards anymore
so hurry
and say to Xavier52
that xmagnus recruited you

saturday 10/11/2007

I Joined A Few Days Ago.
Heres A Few Things About Me
I Prefer To Be Called Axel;Not Louise
I'm 13
From The UK
And My Life; Defying Gravity.
EVERYONE Deserves A Chance To Fly.smiley

We have spots open so come today. come to our page and see our members. we are all between leval 12-22 and are goint to become an amazing guild

We have spots open so come today. come to our page and see our members. we are all between leval 12-22 and are goint to become an amazing guild

Duno y urs nickname1

This guild will conquer all, we will make sure some all who oppose us will die. we will becomke lords off clintz city and the rest off the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE DEATH AND CHAOS BOW DOWN TO THE DEATH REAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

friday 09/11/2007

Goal #1-To be the best Naruto base Guild
Goal #2- If we can be the best Guild
If u wanna join or check us out go here

Fiend Royale is here to rule Clintz City who ever is ready for the Mega-Storm Guild that will take #1 Join Fiend Royale !

smiley good way to get members lol smiley

Would anyone be intrested in joining my guild.

There are no reequirements over than that you play frequently.

If you would be intrested in joining follow this link
or contact me

Please join the new guild of the riseing sunsmiley

I only have three more days to get four members help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will accept ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a guild that offers you discounted doubles from market prices... *Offer applies to guild members only*

Please click here.

Everybody feel free to join our amazing guild. People from all countries can join.

Please come we need more players

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