saturday 03/11/2007

Imma think bout it

Come to our clan because 3 of us just played in the top 150 in a tournamentsmiley

friday 02/11/2007

Yeah come to Xguild of furyX we good and new smiley

WE CAN DISCUSS COMBOS AND STUFF.................................................. SO JOIN .........................HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHA

thursday 01/11/2007

We do not lie we fight to kill we are one and I am the will. I trust in you, will you trust in me to fight all night long for the will to win. thats our motto and if you can't handle it then this is not the guild for you BUT if you can you are shure welcome to join!!!

Anyone who is over lvl 5 can join my guild tht little dudes so come and join

wednesday 31/10/2007

O i forgot to mention this guild is open to everyone

tuesday 30/10/2007

Mmm, this guild is for help the persons in the mode ELO!!!!!!!!!

Dudes i need more crew members coz i want 3 admins so i am lookin for more apply within the guild request

Yea *postsrequest aswell* it looks awesome an i also hate ppl that brag about how good they are..but wen you beat em its funny xD i am pretty crap tho lol

Undercover Devils is recruiting any level players who want to have fun and win! We like t talk about strategies and cards. We train in our room and have become great friends. So please check us out and if you don't like us than don't worry, we're not lonely! But we will alwasy want you. Here's our link -


Red Fury-Foundersmiley

The link to the guild

We are encouraging you to join our guild >>>>ShAdoW FrEakS<<<<
remember that we are only accepting senior lvl. 10 above... see you in the guild!!!

smiley 0-ayadik_sfsmiley

If you would like to join the crimson hunters look us up and just ask to join... since we are new you do not have to worry about getting deniedsmiley

monday 29/10/2007

Just search ' the uzumaki clan' on the guild search and join

To carve a path into anyone that opposes us, to turn their defeated husks into art. That is the way of the Bloody Road. Recruiting interested players now.

Finally he fount the right thread smiley

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