sunday 22/12/2013

Je souhaite vendre mon cartes dans VP.

25 Windzy -> 950/tete

140 Dolly (60 1*, 18 2*, 62 3*) -> 350/tete
250 Ernst (41 1*, 13 2*, 196 3*) -> 230/tete
200 Luba (39 1*, 29 2*, 132 3*) 230/tete
20 Wurmhol (12 1*, 8 2*) 450/tete

80 Simeon -> 1050/tete

85 Plunk -> 1250/tete

105 Dreadlash -> 950/tete

Merci beaucoup. smiley

But who am I too say it's good?


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

saturday 21/12/2013

We are a awesome guild so come on in.

If u join urban madness u will never leave. Great active guild if fights and forums..drop in and check it out.

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley

friday 20/12/2013


wednesday 18/12/2013

We waived the level minimum for the first month of being opened. Thank you for your advice 1NightStand.

I'm adding you to my friends list if only because I appreciate straightforward talk and it'd be nice to see what you're up to on my feed. My guild is primarily newer players though, so I doubt we're what you're looking for.

tuesday 17/12/2013

Ignore *the*

Thanks smiley

@Bigcow I don't know that you're wrong, but we try to reach guild decisions by consensus rather than decree or majority rules, and no one in the guild had anything bad to say about the tag when we decided on it. It does have going for it that it's unique brand (isn't that the point of having a tag?) and that having the first and last letters of the words like that fits the game pattern like [C]ollecto[r] and [L]egen[d]ary. If someone wanted to use a tag and found four letters too long we could certainly use your suggestion as an alternate form. Rest assured, even if it's the wrong choice taking up a full four letters of username real estate, the choice was made carefully.

Good guild would recommend joining

monday 16/12/2013

Come join us if u have passion and punishment when u play with the montana's and I am looking for a administrator to help run the guild ..


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saturday 14/12/2013

I'm not looking to roleplay in that way, but that's a great idea, 888! It looks like you moved on to an established guild, but if you're still into the idea I'd encourage you to go for it!

Welcome back you can join my guild

friday 13/12/2013

tuesday 10/12/2013

Please close the thread, You already look for a Guild Already.

sunday 08/12/2013

Beyond sarcastic... me??? Never! I could never be sarcastic

Thank You DomTeBest smiley

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