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saturday 20/10/2007

Join tactic squad if u likesmiley

friday 19/10/2007

F. B. I of America

The rules are
That you have to use sentinels

Post alot on the guilds message board

You have to be at least level 5 or more

an have fun

i keep you informed weekly on the gulds message board

there will be weekly tournaments

double exp in the Guild Battle room ( message me if u need some training)

And much more !!!

-the founder Sentinels ROC

We are but mere phantoms of the human world....
We are the Spirit Knights

Hi my name is dwarf slayer and i just made my new guild. i am looking for new recruits, if you would like to join please look up my guild on the website and then request to join. i will need some strong players as i will be hostin weekly tornaments (no prizes) and will be doing some trading/selling of cards.

if you have an queries just pm me ty and plz join

If you can't get enough of sheep, with their soft wool and grazing abilities, then join TEAM SHEEP! Leader: Nightmaresheep. ENEMY GUILD: Flames of the pheonix. Join Now!

Lolz grammar is singular lolz!

Wow wierd kung-foo guild...but the name will be much more koor-lerr if this is a cartoon....

Wow terrible grammer lolz! asians in america...blaugh

thursday 18/10/2007

The crimson abyss guild needs members lvl 10 and up only please join you wont regret it!!!!! we are a relatively new guild but will be a powerhouse really soon

smileyrecruiting members for my guild dassers gang

The knights of light's Recruting everyone!

Entre neste clã e vamos mostrar que temos força para ser melhor clã do urbans

Then how do you not know of the lv 5 rule? anywho ya that and they could have a main, or their guild has a bank. like mine.

Hey you do torunies eh? clan tournies or just the every 5 hour ones?

wednesday 17/10/2007

The Guild Is Now The Invincibles

Join Army of Mordor if ur really in to this game

Hey. Well my guild is fairly new and were looking for new members. We accept any levels and will accept anyone who attempts to join.

So come one and all and have fun, After all, this is a game, Isnt it?smiley

Try pressing "submit picture" after browsing the pic.

What do you mean a star buy a credit in shop and you get one

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