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friday 06/01/2017

Ok for my jackie cr full

Spyke cr = 90k
Arno = 50k
Ghumbo= 35k
Charlie =100k
Ongh =120k
Pandora= 40k
Ursula =60k
Jackie cr = 390k
Gil cr = 60k
Noctezuma cr = 180k
(full xp , 0 xp doesnt matter. pm me)

I have 4 0xp ginnifer,

I'm looking for 6.4k/e

Strigoi + 10k

I need 20 copies.

Estimate the prices of cards invloved and state how much clints please.


I think we all know I have to close this topic. However, anyone actually interested, please PM jerromy.

Otherwise, I'm sorry, jerromy, but I hope you can get her eventually.

Okay selling Tessa cr for 1.3m now. Please pm me offers. I prefer clintz.

What is your offer ?

thursday 05/01/2017

Sorry, I will remember that for next time.
I conclused the exchange so this post can be closed.

Thank you and good game! smiley

I can offer Dounia cr

That the cards are jamox-signed smiley

no longer looking for arturo smiley

1 Timmy + 1 Avola x Kawamashi Cr

Oh ok.
I look for:
Dagg Cr 87k
Uchtul Cr 67k
Shann Cr 89k
Lulabee Cr 44k
But I may also accept other offers.

10 of youre noctezuma cr 0xp for my 2 vickie cr 0xp ?

Hi! I'm selling or trading one copy at 0xp of Uchtul Cr at market value!

Please pm me with offers!


Looking for Raam 80k

Will make a better offer: Aegis 50k, XIII 25k and 5k clintz or a card near that value

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