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saturday 06/10/2007

Youst wait if you quite you lost
yes they will selected randomnes from your deck it can have more than 8 cards but it must have 8

Hey welcome to the game i hope you enjoy yourself
1.Your allready to go i don't think theres anything stopping you
2.you can ask here or if it's really urgent ask a moderater

smileyOthers look at our guild name and say " hey this guild must be lame or wanna act cool" but i beg to differ.Our guild is kind and we will play and train you whenever we are free and help each other.We are more than a guild or family, we are Really Bonded Family which may sound weird but hey it is cool.So please try and think about it.I may be quite happy to accept as our own!

friday 05/10/2007

Hi everybody
I make my own guild now have 5 members,
and I'm still looking for new member,
anyone is welcome here come and join this guild!



I'm Indonesian can I join (I live in Newcastle

Looking for members to stay alive.

Who wants to join my guild and its free if you do its called redmetal

I am making a guild called "i love noobs " who will join.if iget more than 3 people i will make it.

Uncle Sam wants YOU! haha na, u don't even need to be aztec, it'd be cool tho, if ure interested hit me up or chekit out,, http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=96330 AJAJJAAIII!!! lol

thursday 04/10/2007

Yoshilord from the Snoopy and Woodstock club needs members

This club is dedicated to Snoopy and Woodstack from peanuts but will allow othe things to be included
If you like the show peanuts you should come on down

Snoopy and Woodstock http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=96274 (copy and paste into web browser)

I'm new to this. This game looks fun. Someone recruit me and teach me how to play plz.


Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=96031 click to join smileysmiley

Im accepting lvl 5 or over plz sigh up and become a legend the fate of the world is in your handsmiley


The Fighting Love Babies are recruiting members now......please join us, we are not only taking high level players, but all players, we help our members to understand the game, what is smart to do, and other tricks of the game that will help u trough the game.

Come and join us at: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=82104

The fastest growing Guild!!

Best Regards


Hi Gil. I'm also portuguese but to facilitate everybody's understanding, I'll answer in english as well.

First of all, welcome! I'm also new here and so I still do have lots to learn. Yet I'm doing pretty well as this game is - not that simple - pretty accessible.

Answering to your questions,

- cards' teams are not guilds but clans. Guilds are groups of players whose points increase its power. Montana, Pussycats or Sentinel are just examples of clans.

- To know cards' abilities you have to buy them and level them up or search for them within friends or partners who already found about them. Yet the thing the clan cards have in commom is the bonus and that can rather be good or evil as you see in weaknesses of ones to anothers. It only comes up when while fighting you have both team cards. If not, no bonus. Actually, unless you have mainly those cards in your deck who can't always count with its abilities and bonus smiley

- Yes, as far as I know, that's the only way. And you can do it by clitz in the market or by credits in the shop. You earn clitz fighting and credits can be paid in cash by you or earned inviting friends and participating in tournaments.

Hope this helped,
take care

England Forever!


See you soon,


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