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tuesday 02/10/2007

I Narkomando decited to open the best guild ever!
join now!
im looking for players lvl [15+] or if they are very good =]
see you there.. bye

smiley Zodiac remembrance have some news for you we are now recruiting new members. So gave us a try you would be glad. It is fate that I written to you once again.

Go to American guilds (recruiting)and find me

I just started it, come join, Spanish and English spoken!

Slight change made, level 20 and above is now accepted

We will take you click on

U can join us the guild Friends, it is new guild, just growin, so u can be part of friendly community and of course active message board smiley


I forget the link =) i am sorry


We are recruiting everyone so feel free to join. If i think you are good enough I will make you admin.

This guild is mostly for battling, but you can join if you just want the guild name by yours. ;]

monday 01/10/2007

If you mean how many members can be in the guild...then it's infinity. lol.
Right now we have a DECENT amount of guild members

The Demonic Alliance is a guild. A guild of warriors. Fighters if you will.
We are recruting as well.
This is an AMERICAN guild (not trying to be racist. If I am, then I apologize.)
So, if you're American and your not in a guild yet, then postulate for The Demonic Alliance today!!

(-->the Graffity´s Guild<--) is Looking for new members level 30+. We are the 2nd in Argentina but with more members we would be the 1st. If u are not lv30 go to (-->the Graffity´s Academy<--) and we would help u to reach that level. We are waiting for YOU.

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Hello! smiley

If you want to join in a GUILD join to us!

The knights of light's
( http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=85392 )

Nossa guilda esta a procura de novos membros! Aceitamos apenas lvl 5+ (rsrsrsrs)

The knights of light's
( http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=85392 )

I Myself have an all Freak deck with a leader.
and were recruiting lvl 12+.

Thx Everyone


P.S. Only requirement is (TD_) in front of your name.

sunday 30/09/2007

We need recruits

Of course if you're Welsh or Scottish you're also welcome... Our Brothers in Arms. smiley

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