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saturday 22/09/2007

Continue from the previous answer..

-Fligu fligugigugi Flilibili Ah
(Bow) (Bow) (Bow) (Ooh) (Bow) (Bi)
Fligu wene mamamana Lucifer!
(Mene) (LUCIFER)!
(guitar solo)
And the peculiar thing is this my friends:
the song we sang on that fateful night it didn't actually sound
anything like this song!

This is just a tribute!
You gotta believe me!
And I wish you were there!
Just a matter of opinion.
Ah, ****!
Good God, God lovin' ,
So surprised to find you can't stop me,now.
I'm on fire--
O hallelujah I'm found! Rich motherf**ker compadre simultaniously:oooh/(Demonic)aaaaah!
All right!
All right!

lol..the song tribute by tenacious d

Can i join

friday 21/09/2007

Come to me and join me to fight other member or guild or friends or whatever it is.you all can join with my guild if you are from malaysia thats alll

thursday 20/09/2007

Hello, everyone! >>BEARS<< are recruting members from every level and skill.We intend to organize in-guild tournaments(periodic and all-time),of course a King Of The Hill contest and "guild against guild" battle.There is no barrier for low skilled players we just want our members to be serious.We think competition is the key to motivating the players.I repeat all players are welcome, you dont have to worry for your skill - we organize a special traning program that will take place in the next few weeks.

We are all waiting for you.BEARS For Ever!


wednesday 19/09/2007

Just started a guild called ..:://streetkings\\::.. and needing new members

i just want people who are fun, energetic and good sense of humor

i want everyone to participate in one tourney a day


tuesday 18/09/2007


Join this guild if you're fan of The Witcher or just good player!

monday 17/09/2007

Join for the hallucinogenic smiley drugs or well renown, for a small fee, hookers. All is fair in drugs and women, but war now that is like a carnival, fun in the sun, or bangin and hangin. Sign up to join, you know you want to..
smileyJust click the link and apply today.smiley

We need one more member join our guild. i don't care what cards you us.

sunday 16/09/2007

Looking for active and semi active members, preferably above level 10, but at this point we'll take anyone.

check us out on our guild page at:

If you're English and want to join a guild no matter your level then look no further. We're a new guild dedicated to having fun and improving our rankings

To join, follow the link below and click: "Postulate to this guild" once you've applied you will be approved as soon as one of our admins can authenticate you.


See you soon,


To all urban-rivals players we are inviting you to join our guild: >>>>Shadow Freaks<<<<!!!
forget about the other guilds... join our guild... and we need players who already bought credits!!!!
join now!!! rock on!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

New guild looking for active and loyal players. Please wait up to 24 hours for a reply.

saturday 15/09/2007

A.N.B.U (ANsatsu senjutsu tokushu BUtai) is looking for new members!!!! u aint one of the elite until uve joined A.N.B.U!!! if you think you've got what it takes then giv us a holla!!!! what im offering you is more than a membership in our guld what im offering you is immortality!!!! join us and together we shall go down in urban-rivals history and destroy every single opposition in clint city!!!! Join us now!!!!! its either with us or ur against us!!!! your choice!!!

friday 14/09/2007

We are accepting anyone level 5 or higher and remember the motto: kill everyone spare nothing!

thursday 13/09/2007

Nope...I dont really care bout guilds...juz frens smiley

wednesday 12/09/2007

18 members already

Clint city: where the star play; where every game count!
if you want dominate this game ( but respect your opponents) join us on the way to hall of fame... or fear pro bowlers!


Join this guild if you're fan of The Witcher or just good player!

tuesday 11/09/2007

We're a new brits only guild who want to put the UK at the top.
Recruiting lvl 15+ players (preferably active).

To join, follow the link below &click "Postulate to this guild":

Hope to see you soon.

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