saturday 11/08/2007

Sound like a plan?

Anyone that wants to join an new clan, feel free to join mine. Im looking for at least 4 people who can help me
keep the clan alive and start towards making it bigger

Warriors, brave and true hear me the group Knights Of The Apocalypse is opening its doors to all level 15 or higher players we are among the top groups in the U.S. and soon will be among the top in the world joining us is a very wise move. you never fight alone here we always have each others backs


Yeah we got 3 members!

Hey Sup Urban-Rival players feel free to join my guild! smiley

If you like to join on this guild,click this url: Guild).

friday 10/08/2007

Large memberbase is not a bragging right, just means you massrecruit.
A huge guild score is cool though.

It is a place to hang out, exchange game play tips and whatever else you make it out to be.


Come one come all....The DragonAngels Clan is accepting new members..All we ask is that you are an active player...It doesn't matter what level you are..We know everybody has to start out somewhere...We are here to make new friends...So come join us!!!

Just repost it in the trade forum. I'll lock this subject for now. and destroy it later.


The reason i want more people in my guild is to make it more interesting for me and the small amount in there already. well if anyone doesnt have a guild and wants to join we accept everyone 10+.

thursday 09/08/2007

We are currently 2nd of the country, we are looking for people level 15 and above


Actually the link to his guild is

We don't need you to join anyways.....

wednesday 08/08/2007

No it is not my 1 er langeau made I am a Belgian

tuesday 07/08/2007

Recruiting all good players 15000 game points and above

we are seeking you so just postulate to our wondeful guild

soon to be the best......

Join DEMOLITION together we will rule the world of urban rival
we will show evreyone our tallent, so join the doors are open

monday 06/08/2007

What are the advantages to joining a guild or joining this one over another??

We ask that you please be active both in the guild message boards and playing the game.

Oh yeah, we're ranked #4 in the US.

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