friday 27/07/2007

Please join in my guild called: >>>>Shadow Freaks<<<<
everyone is welcom. pls... join......


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Searching for members that want's to join

Still looking anybody interested?????smiley

Now recruiting members for Dumbledores Army...

thursday 26/07/2007

If you want to be with the Xtremists join the Xtreemest guild right now smiley

Lol i jus postulated in2 ur guild

The new guild Petrie's Loon Platoon r now recruting new members. This guild was designed 4 people just 2 be themselves. we will hav tornaments every month with fab prizes 2 win. just go to the site below. We r recruting anyone lvl 8 or above.

Join the newest guild on the block!

Lol JP... Albion.... The second word in your name sounds a lot like.....


Albion.... I'd play against you for playing such a devious move, but I seem to be at a card disadvantage.

Open invite to the other players of urban rivals to come join our little guild.

pm me redzone or my fellow admin Atomic8 for more info

wednesday 25/07/2007




i wanna join in and i want moderator or admin to help it out of the clan keep out of ours smileysmileysmiley

Send me a message and we can talk only need three ppl

tuesday 24/07/2007

Empire Of Urban-Urbans Warriors

We are a serious guild just as u now that.

Recuirements :

Lvl 5.
Be much online.
Check the message board atleast one time when your online.
Respect the other guild members.
Try to recruit new guild members (this is not something u have to do).

Some info :

This is a norweigan guild (but we recruit from all countrys).

If you want to postulate at Linkin park2K7:

If you want to join Foo Fighters postulate here:

monday 23/07/2007

First let me introduce myself, i am Albion Sox87, also know as the creater of the Kings of Albion. We are a guild that is fastly rising up the ranks and are looking to get more memebers to join to help us in this dirve, although we are very much intrested in getting the higher ranks to join this guild is the perfect opportunity for new players to not only get assistance from players such as myself with anything from deck building to general advie but to also make a name for themselve within the game and the guild. So if your intrested check out the guild,pm me or leave a message here and i will get back to you, and i look forward to fighting next to you in the future:

Albion Sox87

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