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wednesday 12/09/2007

18 members already

Clint city: where the star play; where every game count!
if you want dominate this game ( but respect your opponents) join us on the way to hall of fame... or fear pro bowlers!


Join this guild if you're fan of The Witcher or just good player!

tuesday 11/09/2007

We're a new brits only guild who want to put the UK at the top.
Recruiting lvl 15+ players (preferably active).

To join, follow the link below &click "Postulate to this guild":

Hope to see you soon.

The darklight guild is looking for player who are level 20 or higher that want to have fun and make friends

monday 10/09/2007

-Voila je passe un message au monde entier,la guilde au crocs aiguisé recrute des joueurs "elo" donc venez joueur des quatre coins de la planète faire parti de la guilde ))dog 4 Fight(( vous verrez on parle tout les langues alors venez faire tour et postulé ci ca vous plais. merci et "bon figthhh!!!!"

- I cross(spend) a message in the whole world, the guild in fangs(hooks) sharpened recruit players " elo " thus come player of four corners(places) of the planet to make party of the guild)) dog 4 Fight ((you will see we speak quite about the languages(tongues) and there is a good atmosphere, then come to make a tour(ballot) and postulated(applied) this ca please you. Thank you and " figthhh check!!!! "

- verbringe ich eine Nachricht in der ganzen Welt, der Gilde in Haken, geschärft rekrutiere Spieler " elo " also, kommen Sie Spieler der vier Ecken des Planeten, Partei der Gilde)) dog 4 Fight zu machen ((Sie werden sehen, man spricht ganz über die Sprachen(Zungen) und es gibt eine gute Umgebung, dann, kommen Sie, eine Reihe(Rundfahrt) zu machen und die hier ca beworben ist, gefalle Ihnen. Danke und " der figthhh Scheck!!!! ".

- he aquí paso un mensaje en el mundo entero, la guilda a ganchos aguzado recluta a jugadores " elo " pues venga jugador de las cuatro esquinas(rincones) del planeta para hacer partido de la guilda)) dog 4 tipos de Fight ((usted verá hablamos todo las lenguas y hay un buen ambiente, entonces viene para dar un paseo y postulado aquí ca le gusta. ¡ Gracias y " bono figthhh! ¡! ¡! ¡! "

Anyone who wants to join can contact me.

Hello, im there founder of goodfellas and i hope as u read this u wish to jion r guild.
were looking for players that r try to achive greatness, not only on there own but a guild to take with
them. We need player that r willing to help other player and work together in any areas needed.
as i stated before were still new but i will work and try to make r guild fun but strong at the same time,
thanks for lisening i hope to here from u soon

sunday 09/09/2007

Close it

Hi my guild is new and needs members.
Mesege me if u want to join.

A.N.B.U (ANsatsu senjutsu tokushu BUtai) is looking for new members!!!! u aint one of the elite until uve joined A.N.B.U!!! if you think you've got what it takes then giv us a holla!!!! what im offering you is more than a membership in our guld what im offering you is immortality!!!! join us and together we shall go down in urban-rivals history and destroy every single opposition in clint city!!!! Join us now!!!!! its either with us or ur against us!!!! your choice!!!

Hello this is the leader of thantos ride aka death ride we just play for fun
If you want to join just the guild its oksmiley

I'm currently looking for players above lvl. 20 to join my guild. i'm looking for players who are violent and experienced players.... like you..... postulate now!!!!!

saturday 08/09/2007

There are no requirements all u got to do is join


friday 07/09/2007

And by the way, I forgot to give You the most important of all.
This is Link to guild.


Powy?ej znajduje sie link(o którym zapomnia?em), pod którym mo?ecie znale?? nowiutk? gildie
Serdecznie zapraszam

Hi to all>>>
i will invite to join to my guild because a accept all players all over the worldsmileysmileysmiley
we will help you to train your cards and to buy good cards for a little smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
just click postulate to leaderssmiley

If you are level 10+, speak english, and play UR actively, join The Black Parade. This guild is just to have fun, and get help learning/playing the game if needed.

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