thursday 14/06/2007

Http:// its a guild which aims to become the greatest guild in the game but it needs you, plus i'll let u decide what options are on in the guild room for battling

Legacy is in the process of rebuilding and is currently looking for new members, check it out

We are looking for anyone really.
We will work with and help eachother to win.

If you seek a good guild, selected "World Union".
Our currency: a world linked in diversity for a better future.
Thank you

Hey guys! if you are a nightmare user and looking for a nice guild (if we have more than 20 members) then this guild is for you...its called † Damned †

wednesday 13/06/2007

Leave the guild you are in and go to another one. Or Fix it. Be the one to take charge and lead.

tuesday 12/06/2007

I hope that all the players who love anime will join me in Anime Alley because we are still growing.

monday 11/06/2007

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Methane plz

Hey all you naruto fans out there if you really like join my guild today nothing but freindly battles freisnds to talk to or just to be freinds if youve just started and your a naruto fan join XD XD XD XD XD smiley smileysmileysmileysmiley

Good luck with tht rmfao

You need to buy credits. not buy with credits smiley

sunday 10/06/2007

Sup people!!!?
We are happy 2 play with u,in this greatGame ,and gonna love 2 share our space in Gurdians[A.T.]
so be sign in, and we gonna have good time 2gether, with respect LeinHart

Gild Page

Any one who wants to join stewies army join now

saturday 09/06/2007

Our guild is all about having FUN and ENJOYING the gamesmiley

Us: The members of the guild plays for FUN and ENJOYING the to the MAX! smiley
Qualifications: 1. First, you must be a Pinoy...A filipino, that is... You should bear the Filipino flag beside your name...
2. No level is required...All player levels are welcome... smiley
3. None more...smiley
Goal: To have FUN and ENJOY the game to the MAX! smiley

visit the guild's page if you are interested in joining ussmiley:

friday 08/06/2007

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We now have 5 people

Join my guild we are waiting for you.

Good Luck to everbody smiley

Hey guys im startin a guild so us brits can stand 2gether & show the rest of the game wat were made of! like the sound of it, then check out <~Kingdom Of The U.N.I.T.E.D~>

I and my 4 mates are looking for more people to join our guild the LOST PIRATE we are having a tournament soon aswell and their are prizes so hurry and join quickly. Whne i created this we have 40 members

Our guild is all about having funsmiley If you love to have fun, join us! smiley smileysmileysmiley

Us: WE want to have FUN and ENJOY this game to the MAXsmiley

thursday 07/06/2007

Hey we have started a new guild called bootyarcade, we are all about having fun and help people out.

if you would like to join just send me a mail

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