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friday 22/06/2007

I'll join too, my last guild was going nowhere, I could use some place to let the darkness out once in a while.....

thursday 21/06/2007

No it's not it is hell time so clap for hellsmileysmiley

smileyyousmiley sucksmiley

I let any one join all they do is join i let them in we seen to be doing ok

wednesday 20/06/2007

Evil all ways more powerful

Sorry i forgot to say what we want
1. amrecans
2. evil/ emo
3. mis fits

join if you are dark evil or just mean.

This is invoid so don't try it

So i bet leave 52 at leave 13

Try somewhere else or it might just clear up mine did

La dire


Ok just goto my clan's page so that I can accept you ok

tuesday 19/06/2007

So this is how lucky got in

monday 18/06/2007

I really want to join your crew

Fraggle: " The "bug" you are describing is because there are multiples database, and replication can get "late". We will add more servers very soon to limit this issue."

sunday 17/06/2007

We'd love to make u a part of our family my guilds called - Knights of the Apocalypse

The guild legacy is being deleted and a new one is being created called looneys, if u wish to join contact me

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