friday 18/05/2007

Go to shop page to purchase credits buying credits alows you to sell or trade and buy cards on the market page or in private sales, to purchase credits look on bottom of the shop page for your optionsd to purchase, paypal, sms, phone, credit card ect all pending what is available in your area, even s few dollers will benifit you , good luck and welcome to UR, you earn clintz playing, battles, tournaments ect and also from sales of cards you buy and also use clintz to purchase from the market, hope this helps smiley

None was taken daexen, it was just to let everyone know #1 will be back fighting on a regular basis again

thursday 17/05/2007

If you are a filipino.....kindly join my guid

Hello, I would like to try the Java version, but when i click the button at the bottom it just opens up a new page witha different looking graphic and thats it. And it appears at the top of a page a banner would show up be inside the banner is the flash version of the game. Anytips on fixing this? I do have the most up to date Java that i can get.

Also, I see alot of players with EVO in their names, either in the front or back of it. What exactly does this Mean? Are they just trying to be cool by Putting EVO in the name or does it actually stand for something?

Thank you, Jinkster

Sinners & Saints
needs 3 more members to stay up if u wana join u will be welcome and u will be an admin

wednesday 16/05/2007

Treason, The Urban Knights (no names will be mentioned) hacked into one of the Destiny Defenders Admins and destroyed The Destiny Defenders, now the Arival of the DESTINY HEROES will need all the help they can get to once and for all DESTROY the Urbanknights.

Former Destiny Defenders and not we need you, so please help, Help us WIN the WAR!smiley

Join us so we may be the best guild on here
All we aim for if #1
First 3 members will be temp admins and once we get running the best players may become admin

tuesday 15/05/2007

Hey jw if you would like to join our guild Australian Invasion


just a small guild atm but hope to grow larger with every Australian member we recruit

have a look and if you like what you see PM me back


I want to build up an army that can defeat every other country and prove that the uk are always the best. Everyone from the UK are welcome with people from everywhere else not so welcome. Apply from UK and your in. Outside the UK and maybe. LET THE UNITED KINGDOM RULE ALL

I need recruits for my guild so we can fight and train plus i hold tornaments as wellsmiley please join

Haha time and effort thts wot u need for this game me i'm 15 so i'm on this whn i can , if u get to lvl 25 i'll hook u up with a place in SIN which is growing big


Recruiting anyone from any country...
Knows how to speak ENGLISH...
Good Gamer....

monday 14/05/2007

What Country are you from? We don't care, we accept anyone from any country! Our guild consists of all countries and are recruiting anyone, JOIN NOW!

Calling all Australians please join the destiny defenders, We accept any level and yeah, need people to become a good guild, we would prefer Lv 10 and higher but dont reaaly care what level, if your atleast a lv 5 your welcome so please join us please, please pleasesmiley smileysmileysmiley

sunday 13/05/2007


I invite all the active players who have more level 15 has to join our guild based on the fair play or there is a super environment and a hyper forum .
clik here :

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