monday 01/01/2007

Yop, i want to join your guild, ok???smiley

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Ai loc si pentru mine ????

Do u have to be a certain lvl because i will join

friday 29/12/2006

Join mine guild........LEGEND KILLER.....we are recruiting players of all levels......come and show off your skills and together we could cross out the rest of these players

smiley i want in

thursday 28/12/2006

Hi!! My guild?? The purple wizards. And we will finish to be the best guild of urban rivals. So if you want to be with us, come and you'll be a purple wizard

Then go to your profile page and click on the create guild must get atleast 4 members to your join your guild in 4 days for it to stay open...if you want it to appear under the India flag you must have more Indians in your guild then any other nation...good luck with your guildsmiley

Suicidal fingasmiley

monday 25/12/2006

I didnt ask you that.

John cena vs dxsmiley

Grimangel dont be stuppid they can kick you from your own guild!!!! i know that im level 27 and guru

Yup im level 27=))))) and guru have a guild sry

Romania got a nukmber to call for credyts on SMS im very happy for thys because i dont have a credyt card urban-rivals ruless ive callled wyth 5 smssmiley

saturday 23/12/2006

Go to to join my guild.well talk about pokemon while we crush the compition.We'll accept anyone.please join now.Don't let it get dealeted

We are accepting people of all levelssmiley. Hope you'll join my guild.

friday 22/12/2006

I just love VAMPS, hehe! kate beki ROCKS!!!!!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

thursday 21/12/2006


I'd like to join ur guild
if possible

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