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sunday 25/03/2007

Join us!

saturday 24/03/2007

Plz come to µ The Waiting Bar µ smiley,

Active players with Level 20 and above!

You are always welcomed smiley

sunday 18/03/2007

Join the sephius and then fight me in the sephius room.

saturday 17/03/2007

This horse is dead. It's time to stop beating it. I'm locking this thread before it gets ugly.

Quero entrar na sua guild

thursday 15/03/2007

Drop your bloody knives ,let the smokin guns rest for a second and just enjoy the whispers in your head for the moment.
Until this day Mr BUNNY took just the psychos from germany TO JOIN HIS ARMY OF WALKIN ZOMBIES but now he is ready to spread out the total chaos all over the
whole world. So stop your senseless killing spree and give your murder a chance and join the guild who completely understands you
and the voices whispering in your head.
The guilds members should be crazy enough to spend hours of their life with trading cards,wich just exist in a databank
and playin' a card game which just exists on some servers ina place they'll never see.
Inactive members get kicked smiley Mr BUNNY just takes the best of you scum.So use your abilities!
JOIN Here:


do not keep MR BUNNY waitin' for too long

Noam1234512 - you can postulate, i'm sure they will accept you! good luck

Guess I most say more lol..anyways we are looking for active players that want to enjoy and good atmosphere and cool people. It dont mattter if your old or new in town come on an join we will have great fun....

so says the leader.....


wednesday 14/03/2007

Can i join

tuesday 13/03/2007

How do i get a gulid?
and is this place where to a guild?
i really really want a gulid and where am i?

No importa tu nivel, mientras sea el requerido para entrar a un guild. Aunque seamos nuevos, algun dia con esfuerzo seremos de los mejores!!
Unete al club de la pelea http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=7662

sunday 11/03/2007

In the dark%uFF0Cour logos are similar smiley smiley

Dude reject me i dont wana be in ur guild and now im stuck wit ur guild so do it now

saturday 10/03/2007

Hey alexxeno i applies to your guild

thursday 08/03/2007

The site should work now. Ouir goal is also to be a place to dsicuss how to use the before mentioned guilds.


I'm currently looking for a fun guild that I can play with.

I get on for a few hours a day mon-fri, you can look at my profile for more info smiley

Yarrrr smiley

smiley at the spelling. Good luck with the guild though smiley

Hello with all, Since yesterday evening and from now on during all the month to come, a new guild, although still unknown factor, recruits new members, I named Ultima' S Legacy. With all the interested candidates, will be accepted only the players regular, impassioned, and despizing of a great mind of fair play. De facto, the desired levels begin starting from level 15. Thank you for your comprehension. Cordially, Dark Destiny. Here the bond for those which would be interested http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=7393

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