wednesday 20/12/2006

Would you still be in need of admin for your guild?
I would like to submit my profile for viewing and possibility of recruiting. I am already in a guild that you may notice, I am very able to " re-locate" under the right terms.
If it is fitted that I am qualified for Guild admin or member, please send me a notice. Thank you.

Humbly, Bishop4869

tuesday 19/12/2006

Maybe you don't like the french, I don't like it very much too, but you're not sllowed to "insult" that language

This is a silly guildname, I like it1! smiley

The MAZZZTERRRZZZZZ!!!! smileysmileysmileysmiley of EEEVVVIIILLL!!! smileysmiley
jke, spam spam spam!

sunday 17/12/2006

Is there eny comishener spots left

Hey just wondering, haha normally guilds or clans would advertise and ask players to join their group. I'll do this the other way around, any guilds/clans want me on their team, let me know. I"m not the best player but I'm active as hell. This includes previous offers as well. smiley


saturday 16/12/2006

You could join my guild you have to be any level to join andyou join blood arena search for it inengland

smileythe yami domicile is a new group that was just created lookin for members anyone lvl 5 higher can join


My nephew (DevilSlasher) and I (Frankize) are both from Belgium and are looking for a belgian guild to join.

Anyone is welcome to join my guild.

friday 15/12/2006

Blood arena need you
we need you to join blood arena

That's funny. smiley

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Didn't know if my last message got sent, but here's another one. Welcome and enjoy the game!!!!

Ya were looking for new members so all u have to do is postulate

thursday 14/12/2006

Hey im looking for any one that wants to join my guild please let emno if you are intested.Troy101

wednesday 13/12/2006

I thing that safe trading system should be implemented. It is missing and will be very helpful.

MUSTA TOL! sali ka best pinoy guild, NOYP!, all your questions and querries can be answered there, smiley gg po!

tuesday 12/12/2006

You may join my guild, It has just been started and we need more members to maintain it so if you like, here's the link

monday 11/12/2006

Am looking for players over the level of thirteen for my guild. its name is urban rivals destructors. we look to strive forwards in this game and need support. friends are invited to come to.
join us at and be part of the revalation

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