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thursday 01/03/2007

Hi anyone want to join my really amazing guild called megastars

soo just postulate if u want to join and be a megastar

so who wants to join any players

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Basically you wanna try to win battles by doing damage to the other player and after you win your cards played get xp depending on wether they win or not(more for win less for lose} then when they level up their look changes so level up and train hardsmileysmileysmileysmiley

Hi im new also im a boy of course and how do i get an avatar thanks

tuesday 27/02/2007

Looking for high quality members that are really trying their best and will continue trying ...=)...we offer supporet to other members and luaghter and...prizes...etc....join us and come take a look=)

****chee yaa

I am looking to join a guild.I just started but think I am doing good.Send me a messege if you need me.

sunday 25/02/2007

Any1 can join we want start having guild wars soon so more the better
* * * any rank * * *
click to join http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=6330

saturday 24/02/2007

What's wrong with your grammar clintydud? I've seen your messages around here lately Mr. ADD..and I think you're the idiot..hehe..lol

Hi i would be interested

friday 23/02/2007

So you wanna have some fun?...Come to our guild, I won t bore you with rules or other dule stuff, so just join our guild...we have candy ***=)chia

Is the god damn random mode, what the hell is the point of it?

Hi im just starting a new guild please join it i promise you that'll it's gonna be the bestest guild you ever joined so join now or elsesmileyyou'll be one of the greatest players in urban rivals if you join my guildsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

thursday 22/02/2007

tuesday 20/02/2007

Yo people!

I want to create a guild,name "Battle Royale"! Search few guys to admin. LVL Req. is 18-20,so close to start ELO.
All country,age,sex are welcome! Just stay active,help to guildies(with introductions,cards,borrows,clintz etc),and play with style! Atleast feel yourself good,get friends and more! Make respect for us and respect your opponents! Not any rules currently. Only little english!smiley

Best Regards,Gyula.

monday 19/02/2007

My own great guild who's gonna rules the world? <<----hehe i love their saying...Well you guys now the drill... If not....if me a shot n i'll might be able to give you a hand.... Where here to have fun..and by the way...it's only a game....Here's the link if you are wanting to join!!----->http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=6425

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W00t, im now lvl 7.. imagine that... Globumm sucks though. Anyone got a Claus they will sell or trade me (if possible)

sunday 18/02/2007

Any an All Welcome , Vets, Noobs, credit buyers , non credit buyers, evo and all mixed culters alike !

recruiting: visit to join our quild:

Strength In Numbers

friday 16/02/2007

Thanks for email/message reg this thanks.

thursday 15/02/2007

We are recruiting and by the end of tommorow should have atleast 2 more people(friends). So join if you please.

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