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thursday 11/01/2007

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Sent you a PM.


monday 08/01/2007



Im looking for any one to join my guild its called all in evil - all in one....http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=5105

Well on my side it says its not availbe

O and by the way if you don't take care of your players they will leave and find a guild that will give them the help that they need and want. and this isn't just for nsl it is for all guilds lookin to grow

sunday 07/01/2007

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...never mind... i got lucky and found somewhere that took me there... because i need it... for anyone needing future reference

Brand new guild started yesterday, Already in the top 10 of Guilds. Help and advice offered to all players

Champions of Justice needs you!!


saturday 06/01/2007

Need a guild tht is active in their message boards and crew room , training and has some moves or tips

friday 05/01/2007

Ok...this is a biuttyfool

Hi...my name' s is Kasiasmiley

This is not sales and aucthions dufes

wednesday 03/01/2007

*still recruiting just above 30 lvl(any nationaltiy)
*we want persons who could speak english
*we also develop how to have unique moves and strategies
if u want to join just click the url below

our motto ~;~a win is a win, a loose is a timeout~;~

smileysmileyadvance moves? hehehe! smiley

tuesday 02/01/2007

Looking for strong active players who speak english. postulate to our guild and we'll climb the stats. we are already number one guild in UK

Yes just click on the link i think...

monday 01/01/2007

I'd like to join if it's possible?

Yop, i want to join your guild, ok???smiley

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Ai loc si pentru mine ????

Do u have to be a certain lvl because i will join

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