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monday 27/11/2006

Fury, altough it sounds like it would affect POWER doesn't.


Power is dependent on the characters power number, bonus and ability.
Attack is dependent on your power, bonus, ability, and pills.
Damage is dependent on your characters damage number, bonus and ability.

This will be added to the URTournament.org's encyclopedia for future reference.

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Lost Hog, Lao and Kinjo have a one win possibility as long as they have their team bonus. Beware the all Fang Pi Deck!

Come join the guild bloodarena its under the u.k. flag so come soon we could use so more people smiley

sunday 26/11/2006

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=3929 is where you can join.we accept everyone.looking for admins!

Sorry, Ckane is right, poatoes are the best.

Montana is a strange clan. There Bonus is well worth any disadvantages they may have in "powerful" cards. Admittanly, I like uppers better though.

saturday 25/11/2006

Do u acept noobies also, cuz i would like to join too?

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Ok thanks

friday 24/11/2006

You need to calculate that into the attack formula. If you look in some of my older post then you will find the attack formula posted.

Send a request to support-en@urban-rivals.com

This guild is only for indonesian. (privee guild). klo ada anak2 indo yg main ni game. join pls.


Thanks fraggle and all those who helped.Love this site.

thursday 23/11/2006

You me join monday always active everyday

wednesday 22/11/2006

Champs United always looking for new champions


tuesday 21/11/2006

Yeah! what Jolly Roger said! smiley

monday 20/11/2006

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Some cards will gain hit-points when they win (Perle, Ielana, Ambrose,....)
And the leader Bridget gains one HP every turn.

Champs United is looking for english speaking players you dont have to speak english well just good enough everyone is accepted link below

I think the full deck pack is the best one.get value for your money smiley

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