friday 10/11/2006

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The first flag (big flag) on your profile. I spent about 20 minutes hitting the little flag next to the nation stats before I noticed it was the big flag at top of page.

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Speak English -- this is the English board.

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I thing, that it is my opponents "thinking" in 95%. May be wrong, If yes correct me.
It would be nice to have possibility to surrend from duel withought penalty, if I wait on my opponent more than 1 minute.

I think the messages should be placed under the inbox/message list rather than over, because it's really inconvenient and annoying.!

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Hmmm, i like ckanes description better... lol

thursday 09/11/2006

Pocho: smiley
Starman: You have 12 cards one with a number of pills on it. You face it down against the table and then after you both choose you flip and do the math. ???

Is there anything I can do, they were working earlier today, but now it's just a blank screen.

"specials ranks" smiley
Check out "staff announcements" to get more infos..

I like Lao very much
he is just crazy funny too bad i never had one and its hell expensive now..
he has plain face on level one
gets a mouth, bigger smile and finally haha LOL
(credit to those who took screenshot of Collectors)

wednesday 08/11/2006

That's fine, got it figured out. thanks!

monday 06/11/2006

Leaders work through all the fight even if attacked/blocked by stop.op.ab. cards. Ashigaru is different , his skill makes you play second in the opening round. That doesn't sound that impressive but you still get a 8/6 card , best leader's stats and one of the nicest cards around (esp the lookssmiley)

By now you've probably noticed that there's a lot of pun poke at various 'pop culture' icons. check bangers , Eminem , 2pac, 50 .... smiley

Jackie is a poor lost guy after a real nasty boozer up. I understand that , eventhough i never let myself hit that bottom , and even respect that smiley Jim , on the other hand, is a secret agent , spy ; camouflage and deception is his main weapon . And i admire that smiley

Dwain (C) [Nightmare] - Lvl 2(max) - 3P/3D - -2 opp power, min 3.

He gets way better once he's lvl 3, fyi.

sunday 05/11/2006


saturday 04/11/2006

My guild Soul Reapers

We will except people with exceptional skills on our team, the guild is called Soul Reapers in the USA catagory, we need some more recrutes for a great team, u can help. if u wanna join just remember Soul Reapers

Still open for new players

Especially to Ulu Watu smiley

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