wednesday 01/11/2006

You will never win turney so give up lol.

With the button called PRINTSCREEN duhhhh!?!?! and then you open a viewing program , as microsoft paint, and press ctrl v (paste) and then save the picture smiley

Cancel Leader cancels the special ability of any leaders that you have in play so the best bet is to only have one leader in a deck. Strike Back means you always go second in the first round of a fight rather than it being randomly determined. If both people have Ashigaru its determined randomly who goes first in the first round like normal.

tuesday 31/10/2006

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Well im in knights of the round table under the american flag i think ill switch to blood arena lol but thanks for the offer Saiha

I saw a card i think from Sentinel an had the bounes 6 power.smiley

Okay i want to buy credits if i go to a hotel because im going to the U.S soon can i use the phone an buy credits lol.

10 battle points? lol the player that gets abandoned only gets 5 battle points anyway, that's like the same penalty lol

monday 30/10/2006


Hehe ohkey you have a point..i didn't know that nightmare was a new clan ..hehe sorry

X in power, if they are played first.

Wow, thank God I have multiples $$$

Strike back is when you are allowed to start the match second so you know there 1st card they played

sunday 29/10/2006

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You can't, you have to wait it out.

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Guys my name is OLEG THE RUSKI and I created a guild world fed.
If you are interested in joining please contact me, you must be masters or above, wwith fair play and good cards.

How do u trade for other cards instead of money

The ppl who signt up have to buy credits inorder u get some

saturday 28/10/2006

Not really a fun style imo.....players use high power cards all the time.....
at least that is what i tink....i never played OLD.....i dont have the very good cards smiley

I bet Nightmare isn't next to get collector, cause this clan appeared in Clint City recently

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