saturday 30/09/2006

Oh... I better close my comic store then!smiley

thursday 28/09/2006

Once again, the League extends our friendly, yet slightly sticky hand toward you in the warmest regard. We cordially invite you to join our guild, and the link to us is as follows:

Thanks, and we hope to see you fighting alongside us in the future.

Join the newest soon to be biggest baddest guild in all of clint city.... SIX DEEP... a canadian born but goin to be a worldwide take over.... join now and lets get this invasion STARTED!!!!


wednesday 27/09/2006

And its really cool smileysmiley

Oh soory i thought that at begining

tuesday 26/09/2006

Strikeback = your opponent is forced to be the first one to go on the first turn in a match

Courage = if you play a card with this ability on a turn where you are going first, the card gets a boost to it's power equal to the number next to the word courage.

It doesn`t work on my computer it`s only written ><

Cycle through some of the older post and count how many times someone has come up with this unique Idea. Read the explanations why this isn't feasible for them to implement.

Yeah... they have to fix that.

I like A'Award art, but the stats suck. Especially for a hitman.

Barito... gimme barito

LOL, The shop is pretty safe since the merchants they use all have Strong encryption on the transactions.

I am a IT guy and I use the shop.

It's so annoying.they lose the first round and the's not's cowardly

monday 25/09/2006

Hallo Nederlanders

Speciaal voor alle Nederlanders die dit spel spelen heb ik een guild gemaakt.
Zin om te joinen?, doe dat dan gewoon.



Leider van:
Nederland, een gilde voor onze Nederlandse compagnons.

Just play they gain xp when you fight, even more xp win you win, by the way pillz help you multiply your power which creats your attack

How do People join my guild

sunday 24/09/2006

I like Taco's

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