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friday 25/09

Oh, the nostalgia.

Back then It was Impossible for me even to think that I would have any of these cards, though.

thursday 24/09

Still does not work

Someone rich should play 7 general mts and 1 John doom to troll the FF farmers


Leader: Hugo
Lorenzald, Soneta, Gumbeat, Neil, Oriold, Tremorh, Gil Cr

monday 21/09

Yeah day and night IK alot of people find it controversial that real life affects a card, but not only do i find it cool, it does have the power to make essentially 2 cards from 1.

IMO not a single new mechanic added has been bad for the game, all of them are good, including Equalizer. Only thing that bugs me is that equalizer was added as a bonus, IMO it should only be added as an ability

Ahhhh...good stuff. Thanks SSMJ

I saw many ads about cards back in around 2010 (mostly Bryan and Kenny) and one day finally decided to click on one, and I loved the game. My strategy back in the day was to just buy one deck of 8 cards and play with it, and then I would sell it when I wanted a new deck to buy other cards. This is because I was so poor that I couldn't afford more than 1 good deck, and I was a kid so I couldn't buy Credits/Clintz nor understand how to gain more of them effectively. When I was finally starting to get rich, my account was stolen and I lost everything (I visited one of the fake websites that "gives free Clintz" and wrote my user and password so yeah that's on me) then I quit. I came back after a few years (2 or 3 I think) and played for a while with a new account until hitting level 50, then quit again because I couldn't gain many Clintz and got bored (also starting from scratch after finally being rich was underwhelming). Now I just came back again 1-2 weeks ago after many years. With the cards that Arcade, NB packs and Wheel gave me I got millions of Clintz so I can make nearly any deck (except the most expensive Mts and Crs) and finally have a proper collection unlike before, so I am happy. I turned from only being Novice-Senior at best with only 1 deck in my collection to being a Guru (and aiming higher) and having many many decks and a wide collection.

saturday 19/09

Idk its just broken too much cards bein hoarded.

Even better, wait until the last 5 seconds every round to play the card and forfeit in round 4 smiley

friday 18/09

*Radio Clint City! Update*

Since my last annocument some new Junkz have join the clan.

First of all is a update to the artist:

Lorenzald the famous rap troll

the second and last update is a update to the security:

Adriane the creator of the high speed headphones

What's up people Chad Bread Cr here!! I got some aw aw what the heck? Let me try again! I got some aw aw AW! Stop it! I'm trying to introduce you! Wait what are you saying? That you don't need any introducing and that I should stop saying bruh. But bruh that's my key word. AW! Okay I get it I get it! Without further do here's Squille the Ultra-violent shrimp

Also our good friend Maximus Cr have decided to return to the deep of the ocean

Update to beserk line Ax Battler -> Ax Battler Cr

Gravelsnout the rat warrior

I only had 118 galahads so i sat and cried during the mission, and drank myself to sleep. it really sucks how people hoard and have an advantage that way

thursday 17/09

Personally i think UR is great. play your own game dont worry about the guy with 1000 DJ Korr Cr. he aint gonna give you them smiley

Never played fantasy rivals, but i can say even though i dont agree with everything like how scammers are dealt with. The game generally is good. Cards are released every fortnight. BM missions and regular missions as well as events. Private and Publics. Since the hike in prices there have been giveaways.

I think there is plenty of space for UR in the game market. Its a game which many players have played for over 10 years and has since released MT cards crypto rewards and many subtle features.

you cant please everyone.

wednesday 16/09

Enigma is probably going to fall in price a little bit now. Since it was awarded as a prize in coliseum below Griffonmor it's probably not going to Cr unless Griffonmor does

Never knew it was like that awesome smiley

Never underestimate the raw power of Gary. The odors that man can survive! smiley

tuesday 15/09

I didn't know that you lose the upgrade if you turned off war mode, seems like a really bizarre design choice. I thought at least you kept the upgrade regardless if war mode is on or off.

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