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thursday 07/09/2006

That answers my question... thanks! smiley

wednesday 06/09/2006


Can i join your gang?

091846 thanks

tuesday 05/09/2006

Check out the Game Rules link

Thanks smiley

Have? That's the one thing about the old market in java that I missed; you can see what abilities a card on sale has before you buy it.

monday 04/09/2006

Ok yea that will work.

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Check the Game's Rules under Characters Abilities and Bonus

it's all under there

Team: Courage2

1 Life per turn

1 Pillz per turn

1 Damage Team

6 Attack Team

XP x1.2 Team

Counter Strike

FINALLY MADE IT!!! and hes so bad @ss looking

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So 1 Rebooth, you are Pinay. I really have this feeling that you are one. I've been pestering the UR Staff since I joined. EVO_CKANE_AOD has included us in the international tourney. Thanks again dude.

sunday 03/09/2006

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saturday 02/09/2006

Im going to get all the leaders.

Yeah me too.. i am really thankfully for answering my inquiries suggestions and other non sense things...

Cool i am going to buy Morphun tommorow when the next turney starts.

BTW he/she won the hold round it was a lvl 5 cant belive it.smiley

I'm one of the most active players in this game, AOD is redicualously active 21 of the top 100 players as of sep 1st. army of darkness is active cause the evil dead never sleep lol

friday 01/09/2006

What happened to the win % on my profile
it still says x out of y
but no %smiley
now i have to do the math smiley

Fair rating is a percentage of how many times you timeout. You are at 11%. You have to get to like 4% to get green. Play more games without timing out and it will go up. Alot more games.

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U dont have to join u just got to play during a tourney

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