tuesday 15/08/2006

There's really not much "skill" involved in Evo. There's only really 2 things you have to consider.

1) Can my opponent's character reasonably defeat whatever I'm going to put up. Basically this means don't put anything over a 5 Power against a 1.

2) Will whatever I'm sending up KO my opponent before he/she's had a chance to get his two wins. By having a chance I mean the two rounds in which your opponent is to put up their characters with the 6 pillz. If you want to put up 2 characters that would kill your opponent, and you're starting the round, then you should give your opponent round 2 and 3 and take 4.

While this seems like common sense, more often than not I've seen these two simple rules broken.

I put up another post a few posts down on things that shouldn't be done in an evo match. Read that and it should give you a solid idea.

Hello all I'd like to announce Clan Profiles are available on the Urban Rivals Yahoo Group extension Blog Library located here.


So far we have Bangerz and Nightmare (being re-compiled). We will be adding more soon.

The profile gives a little bit of tips and allows you the viewer to add a comment to the profile for everyone to view.

Some character pictures have the story perfect as they evolve. Someothers sorta just go blah.

i.e. Vermyn N has a great evolution sequence showing how he goes insane from not being able to do anything bad (with the bangers). I can see him going to either Gheist or Nightmare one day.


Whats up i was lookin to join a guild but first of i wanted to know the advantages of jioning a guild and if its worth it
also i was lookin for a guild were atleast 3 players speak english

I've heard hat I can change my flag if I asked, so I wanna now if it's possible. If it is I would like the croatian flag(RED, WHITE, BLUE WITH AN EMBLEM IN THE MIDDLE) Thanks

Hi .. i'm representing filipino gamers here.. here in asia , internet cafes and shops are the place where you can find most gamers playing there online games coz we cant afford to buy pcs. in our case, we using same ips( ips that own by cafes)..now.. how will avoid our accounts from banning?no options guys?

I completely agree that there should be a buddy list feature.

The only way to trade is to sell Card a for 50 clintz then the other person sells card B for 50 clintz. You both get your clintz back and now have your new card.

If you are dealing with an unscrupolous person -- don't do this. LOL

What's with all the network errors?!

Is this commonplace? I've only been playing for a short time but i'm getting seriously ticked off about it

monday 14/08/2006

I'm all for that, but if they are going to create a monetary system they have to abide by best practices. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economics

P.S. If Fraggle says thats all to it then thats it. {blind obedience is good ... LOL}

You can set up a paypal account and do wired money transfert between your bank account and paypal.
I'm sorry if we don't have all countries open up for text and phone. We are working with our partner to open more

If people who got timed out on got points then you could still get poeple cheating by using that, just play against 10 friends and have them all time out on you/ surrender

FYI EL-Ehrairah, it's rare to win 14 matches in a row. Believe me it can be done 'coz I did it without any clan help 'coz I won that tourney when I have'nt any clan yet. And yes, I do that everyday and I think most of the player on the top, thank you.

Try playing the EVO mode to level up your cards. Basically, the first player on the turn puts 6 pillz on his character he wants to level up, then the second player puts no pillz. On the next turn, it's the other players turn to put 6 pillz on his character and so on. You can check out the EVO way of at the Master's Tips page. It's a good way of leveling up your leveling your cards.

sunday 13/08/2006

Yes. I've run into this before and sent an Email to Fraggle about it. To prevent cheating, you're allowed to challenge someone 5 times in an hour during non tournament, and 3 times per hour during tournaments.

I just started the game at 'Novice' last night, and this morning it says I'm a 'Senior'...I was wondering if anyone had, or knew, the list of 'names' that go with the levels. Thanks...

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