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sunday 27/08/2006

Is that the official rate of introduction of cards?

Look how bout this have a sperate point system for tournys, that way lvling cards still gives you the bonus of increasing your person lvl. that way the points earned in tournys will be qaulity points not nesecerally qauntity.

Who cares what lvl the person is, I got no yellow in my blood or chicken in my family. a lvl 50 guy can still have unlvled cards and a lvl 2 can have fully lvled ccards. so just fight a loss to a high ranked player yeilds more xp then a lose to a low lvl anyway.

Not really 10 elo matches at the max, plus ppl will challenge you at that point just to get more points.

Vinner du?

Last time I postulated I was in hospital for a week. But they did end up using the cucumber for the lunches!

It seems that allopass got issues since a few days.
Codes can be valids, but not immediatly, try again.
As for your other question (email) change " -[AT]- " to @.

saturday 26/08/2006

Lol mac ;p

no, you can't. clint has not atm "friend list"... what a pity smiley

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Iedereen die Vlaams verstaat is welkom bij de Vlaamse Leeuwen.

Dus (vooral) Vlaminge, Nederlanders en andere buitenlanders zijn welkom.
Is nuttig voor al wie het Frans, Engels en Spaans niet machtig is, wij zullen u helpen.

Zijn er überhaupt Vlamingen die dit spel spelen, of ben ik en Darkshrimp de enigen?

Buying clintz with your credits is suspect. Given the current market, you've got a good chance of making considerably more than 100 clintz per credit by buying a card pack and selling the cards, if you've activated public sales.

U must have played ina tournament thts why u got it if u come in the first half

All indians , i here by wanted to tell you that being an indian i made a indian guild only for the indian people and so please do help me to run it well by join yaar. Akhir dil hai hindustani !!!!!!!!!

Wow.. thanks Franglesmiley

Sorry for suggesting about the chat room.. my concern is about the efficiency of players in our profile, why do they have to remove it?.. another suggestion please how about the inbox outbox(private msging) next to players avatar(Level, Clintz, credits, etc)smiley

Is there any benifets of a guild?

friday 25/08/2006

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Thats not a secoond account if it's your GF's. Just because you live together doesnt mean that it's a second account.

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Well yep there is a new tournament page dor Urban Rival tournaments.

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