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thursday 24/08/2006

I'm looking for one, but don't know which to join. Post please if you know of a good guild.

wednesday 23/08/2006

Otome is a transvestite. Otome is a male.

Oh ok i`ll know now=]

Haha, n/m, just reread the rules. smiley

Modifications on the ELO format and tournament are coming very soon, please read Staff Announcements.

tuesday 22/08/2006

This is a "Yes-No" answer to the question do guilds mean anything in this game.

It really depends on who the guild master is.

Some guilds are just "there" for name sake. These are what i consider a dead guild or psuedo guild. They are just there for name sake.

Other guilds have a good leadership team -- so that means they have a web site and a training schedule and their own objectives that serve that guild and their guild members well.

On a personal note,
When the guilds grow a bit more in feature and neccesity I will create a guild and organize alot of activities for it for the members until then I welcome everyone to contribute to the Urban Rivals Yahoo Group -- a sort of non-associated guild page for all guilds.

Yeah yahoo doesnt give the option to make a comment on a photo smiley

I wont name names but I played someone that used a 4 star General and 4star GURU against me on my turn...

General/Guru vs a 2 or 3 star with 2 power is not going to lose.

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Kedanna,for your information,I never refuse a Elo challenge nor time out.

Ok how does a guild help you
does it give you extra experience

como ayuda un grupaje de personas ayuda de aguna forma o no

thats my only question does it help you

I'm sure they are workingon it. I would think that that would require some server/db work AND CLIENTS work (Browser Java, Mobile JAVA, and Flash) so it's not a 1 2 fix.

The UR Staff are going to come out with alot of changes soon (or so they keep saying) so let's give them the chance to migrate those changes.

I'll post the formula again. THis will be posted to the Urban Rivals Yahoo group Blog soon.

Normal Mode:
Take the resulting attack of both characters (incl. everything) below is pseudocode:

var roundResult = random(0,sum(attack1 attack2));

if ( roundResult < attack1 ) perso1Win;
else perso2Win;

ELO Mode:
Take the resulting attack of both characters (incl. everything) below is pseudocode as well:

// Extra part: decrease effect of randomness in ELO (more strategic gameplay)
if (attack1 > attack2) attack1 = attack1 * 2;
else if ( attack2 > attack1 ) attack2 = attack2 * 2;

var roundResult = random(0,sum(attack1 attack2));

if ( roundResult < attack1 ) character1Win;
else character2Win;

In both case, we handle "post round" abilities like drain, and we adjust the player's properties.

I am looking for a guild, english or dutch please, anyone? I am lvl 14, and rising.

The answers is like 5 topics below and we said many times that this rules is not gonna change anytime soon.

I will like to ask if are any posibilities to make more but shorter turnaments then are now.
I play from Australia and spend 1.5 hour during the day it is more then time consuming. U know what I`m talking about.


monday 21/08/2006

My new guild is called legacy. does anyone want to join. anyone can join.

First one is there already.

Bah! whats a 1000 characters between friends. Smiley is a good idea. smiley

Actually if you have a Paypal account (which by the way UR takes), then you can get your currency converted to Euros. Then you can spend the $2.50 American it costs to get a lifetime ability to sell characters.

Also you can see the formula for the "randomness" factor on one of my previous post. This was provided from the UR staff.

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Slane, most of the answer that you seek are in the Game Rules link on the left.

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