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sunday 10/09/2006

Number of stars on your cards X your level= your respect points
With more respect points, you got a better grade

High score by golgoth72 with more than 2900 points

saturday 09/09/2006

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Now you cant but sh it for 1000

Read the tips forum. Too many strategies to just say use these cards.

Maybe you missed the count of a card. I've done that then had to double look to see that the method was working -- I just wasn't LOL.

I would think Tuesday because thats when new cards come out every other Tuesday (right?) We are talking paris time.

I have an accountant for that as well. I can't stand taxes! humbug!


friday 08/09/2006

Clint City Ledger has an Exclusive article about the New All Star Clan. Read it at URTournament.org

You need to buy credits from "the shop", you need a credits cards or a cellphone to do so and it cost you a bit of money

Your right i'm sorry bout the confusion I get her and jackie confused alot

thursday 07/09/2006

That answers my question... thanks! smiley

wednesday 06/09/2006


Can i join your gang?

091846 thanks

tuesday 05/09/2006

Check out the Game Rules link

Thanks smiley

Have? That's the one thing about the old market in java that I missed; you can see what abilities a card on sale has before you buy it.

monday 04/09/2006

Ok yea that will work.

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Check the Game's Rules under Characters Abilities and Bonus

it's all under there

Team: Courage2

1 Life per turn

1 Pillz per turn

1 Damage Team

6 Attack Team

XP x1.2 Team

Counter Strike

FINALLY MADE IT!!! and hes so bad @ss looking

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