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tuesday 08/08/2006

Join the most carefree, fun, thrill, challenge seeking crew on site! Recruiting anime characters of all kinds now. Real name characters get better guild benefits (if released any) so hurry! Yattaaa!
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~The Going Merry~ Guild

On your player information along with your level and currently battle points, is it possible to have the following listed as well:
Your current monthly overall ranking
Your current monthly national ranking
Your current monthly battle points

What's up with people disappearing in the middle of battle, in a turn before K.O. They don't even show up in the players search afterwards.

Are they changing their names? I hope their smileys still change, It ruined my winning streak, and is just plain annoying.

monday 07/08/2006

I would also like to see things such as the player's flag, level and status-smiley showing up when people challange me. Nothing worse than random people with red status challanging you during tornie time and taking ages to play a single card.

Aysha25031996 - yesterday at 15:26 - Message 3/5

Have battles more often . choose the card that has to be leveled up first [lets name that card ABC] during a battle and give up [if you don't want to waste time] after having a battle with ABC.
If you do that you will have a horrible fair play rate and nobody will battle you.

Oh thanks a lot smiley

oh, but I do wonder why I lost my halo smiley. I guess it's because I use dial-up, maybe my opponent moved but I never received it.

Anyone want an extra member?

Thanks, it failed to timeout on me, I learned that clicking PLAY NOW again is a good way to know if the game is cancelled.

You rarely see these posts, but I want to give a shout out to CDS Pouic Evo (Well I'm guessing it's Pouic, CDS is his guild and well we all know what Evo is). Anyway this guy is probably one of the most fair players in this game. When I've EVOed with him even in a tourney, if one of his characters beats one of mine that had the 6 Pillz, He goes out of his way to give me a second win.

You see very few players willing to go that far, and for that I'd like to give Pouic my personal thanks, and encourage others to follow his example of fair play above and beyond the call of duty.

sunday 06/08/2006

Ok further on this 1/ 1 Bug. It doesn't seem contained to just Fifty. When my Jackie went from Lvl 2 to Lvl 3 it happened again. Platoona was in the list of cards as well.

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Just go to your email inbox that you signed up with and you will see them there smiley

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2 Euro will get you a lot of clints. 5000, in fact. So actually, 1 regular win only earns you 0.002 Euro's worth of clints smiley

Playing during the tournament will get you a clint bonus after the end of the tournament.

I've noticed it too. Similarly some people also write the the letter 'O'as
*. EXAMPLE : C**L , M**N etc. The 'L' and the 'I' Looks really funny.

Plese improve your english.[i didn't understand anything you said]

Hai , You could surrender [ i meant that you could win next time]

saturday 05/08/2006

If he keeps up at it, he'll be known by everyone soon enough. That's what those smiley faces to the right of names are for. Ones with Halos are people who have never dropped from a match (or do so, so rarely that it's by accident when it happens). Green means they rarely drop from matches (you can usually assume this means it's by accident, but they have bad connections occasionally).
Orange means it happens more frequently, and can be assumed that they're doing it on purpose. Red means they're doing it frequently and are most assuredly doing it on purpose or have the worst internet connection known to mankind, either way you don't want to play them.

Give me the card Message me

Hmmm you should read the game rules (Game's Rules)

Read the section 'Characters abillities and bonus'.

You will find this there:

Team: Courage2
Each character in Ambre's team gets the ability Courage2. When played first in the round, their Powers are increased by 2.

OK, thanks for your help.

Yesterday my internet worked perfectly => my smily is green again...nice

friday 04/08/2006


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